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7 People Who Changed the Life of Thousands Through These Extraordinary Acts

We can’t deny the fact that every human has the capability to do remarkable things. Sometimes, even the smallest of deeds can create a huge impact in a person’s life. Whenever we think of people who have changed the world, we mostly think about the ones who have fame, money and the power to influence. But there are several others who have made this world a better place with their good deeds, bravery and extraordinary acts of kindness. There is a long list of individuals with exceptional stories who have changed and affected the lives of many by doing something incredible. These individuals cared to look beyond their capabilities and became a part of something larger than themselves. So here, we take a look at some of the most influencing individuals who have been givers and have contributed individually to improve the lives of hundreds and thousands of people with their small acts.

Surya Prakash Rai 

Surya Prakash Rai started the organisation PRAYOG (Professionals Alliance for Youth Growth). A platform for children from less advantaged communities where they are provided with educational facilities in villages. Started from a remote village in Gopalganj district of Bihar, PRAYOG has been successfully serving over 400 kids of 12 villages. Surya Prakash Rai started this initiative and created a library in the village which has created an impact on many students. He has eliminated the caste system and encouraged educational practices among students. He identified the two major problems, lack of education and electricity. He also saw lack of interest from parents and students' side and worked on changing that. 

Vikas Plakkot

Vikas Plakkot has a whole different vision of education. He is the founder of Just For Kicks (JFK), an organisation with a simple motto - Everyone Plays. The organisation was created from the idea of the game of football to develop life skills for students in low-income schools in India. JFK caters over 1200 children in Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Plakkot encourages the teachers and parents to make sports a part of their children’s learning culture in school. JFK creates football teams, coaches them and organises two-month long football leagues, and then collaborates with partner clubs to find opportunities for further development.

Richa Singh

Richa, an IIT Guwahati alumnus, started www.yourdost.com, a platform for people to share their emotional problems and get support for the same. Recent studies show that India has a high population of people suffering from depression. Almost 36 percent of India's population has depression, panic attacks, or anxiety according to a WHO study. Richa created a platform where people can anonymously discuss their problems based on their feelings. More than 300 people had signed up for the portal in its first month, having a range of problems such as stress related to CAT, IAS, etc. Also, relationship issues, the feeling of rejection made people reach out to this network.

Suresh Adiga

Maharashtra has been one of the states where farmers commit suicide each year, Vidarbha being one of the worst-hit regions in the state. Suresh Adiga, a US-based engineer wanted to do something different, so he started raising funds to help the victims of these families. Adiga found many donors, both in India and abroad, and provided rehabilitation support to their families in Vidarbha.

Ria Sharma

After watching the award-winning documentary ‘Saving Face’ on Pakistan's Acid Survivors, Ria was highly motivated to start ‘Make Love Not Scars’ a website where acid survivors could upload their stories and photos, also showcasing their talent through weekly vlogs. Eventually, the website grew on to having more activities, also providing support to the people. This has created a network of volunteers, showcasing the story of survivors through music, documentaries, films, and paintings. The project ‘Make Love Not Scars’ has raised about Rs. 1 Crore to help them.

Babar Ali 

Babar Ali started teaching at the age of nine, he started his own school and became the youngest headmaster of the world. It all started when one day, he saw few kids working in the fields. He realised that these kids were only helping their parents by doing odd jobs on the farm. So he took up the responsibility of teaching whatever he learned in his own school, to kids who weren’t fortunate enough to get a school education.He is now 21 years old and has six teachers working with him, along with 10 other volunteers who contribute to his school on a regular basis. The school now teaches up to class 8th.

Arunachalam Murugunantham

He’s one of the individuals who can also be called the Indian Superhero, after all, he is the one who aspired to change the Indian rural community and destroy the taboo about menstruation. Born in a poor family, and losing his father at a young age, he went through several challenges in life by doing odd jobs for survival.He is the man behind the sanitary napkin movement in India, which primarily focuses on spreading awareness for the same.Because of him, rural women are now able to use a sanitary pad. He was featured in Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in the world list in 2014 and now he has a movie based on him, PadMan, which is set to hit the theatres on February 09, 2018.

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