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Did You Know Madhuri Dixit Was 'FORCED' To Film A Rape Scene With Ranjit? 

Bollywood has different faces with its own share of dark hidden secrets, no one knows what may be revealed when. Yes! Bollywood is full of unexpected turns. And among all those turns is this story that I am about to share with you. You must remember all the brave steps women have taken to show their strength against various stereotypical mentality. Talk about the #MeToo campaign or the #FreeTheNipple Movement, women have no fear in speaking their heart out. And among them is Zehra Kazmi, a journalist from Hindustan Times. Zehra Kazmi started a thread on Twitter where she shared about how Madhuri Dixit was 'forced' to do a rape scene with actor Ranjeet in Prem Pratigyaa. 

This is how it all began...

Sexual harassment is something that we see in movies. But are we aware of what it takes for a lady to do such a scene on-screen? 

Then she shared what happened next...

What was your first impression when you read this? Well, it will define whose side you are on? 

Will these situations ever change? 

This year, a number of women accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. More than 80 women in the film industry accused Weinstein of such acts. However, Weinstein denied all the accusations saying that whatever happened was mutual. 

This is disgusting

Is this what Bollywood is all about, women being asked to do scenes they don't wish to do?Soon after she tweeted, this is how Twitterati reacted to her thread.

Is he right? Do we seriously don't have support structures? 

Well said! 

Then there came another revelation...


What do you think, is it ever going to end?

We don't say Bollywood is a no-go-road. But such cases often make us want to give it all a second thought. Share your views with us in the comment section.