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Actor-cum-Singer Prashantt Is Back With A Musical Campaign You'll Love To Be A Part Of

The world in which we wake up to every single day to rise and shine is not really what we wake up for, or is it? Sadly, in today’s world, where negativity is at its peak, we seek for some rays of humanity in every aspect of societies.Interestingly, back in the year 1952, when life was less complicated, the great singer Mohammed Rafi sang the song “O Duniya Ke Rakhwaale” from the movie “Baiju Bawra” which has a strong relevance in today’s society that we are living in. It deals with the singer not understanding the way of positive always making its way with the negatives.Prashantt Guptha, one of the super talented actors/singers Bollywood has, tried to showcase the evergreen song and gave a light on how the song has such a sparking relevance even today. It is sung beautifully taking the original lyrics and making this song come back into the hearts of people today.

Scroll down and don't miss the song at the end of the story. 

Prashantt Guptha was born and raised in New York who chose to make his way to Mumbai to start his career in Bollywood. After spending almost 10 years in acting, he is ready to plunge into the world of singing. And his fans are extremely happy about it.


Prashantt has started his own YouTube and Facebook channel called “Prashn” which simply means question. He decided on this name because he believes that everyone has questions to which all seek answers to. He has consciously chosen songs that have a strong meaning lyrically and have relevance in today’s times. He is on the path to get the evergreen classics of Hindi cinema back in our lives and to give them their due place that they deserve.

He has around 10 movies in his bag. The talented man has given powerful performances with his acting abilities as well. His latest and the most influential work has been seen in the super-hit film “Neerja” where he played the role of the fateful Indian American passenger who was the first to get assassinated after which the story turns into a tragedy. 

Prashantt's other projects include: Taabeer (which is yet to release), where he has played the role of a Pakistani major general, Irada, where he will be seen playing a sardar, as a modern day Bhagat Singh co-starring Naseeruddin Shah. Apart from Bollywood, he has also set his foot in Kannada cinema by acting in the movie 6-5=2, where he is seen playing the role of an aspiring photographer on a journey into the jungle to film a documentary with his friends. 


This video is definitely one where anyone would seem to know the emotions of the singer streaming in. The song sung by him is extremely touching. It definitely proves that he has worked his heart out to get this video out to the public.He is extremely motivated to bring out more such songs out there so that today’s audience has honour to listen and understand the songs of yesterday. WittyFeed wishes Prashantt all the very best and oodles of success in his journey!