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Live Music Show, Debates, Open Mic Sessions, And Other Things You Missed From ILF 2017

It's no exaggeration in any sense if I say that the Third Edition of Indore Literature Festival (ILF 2017) recently held in Indore was overwhelmingly impressive. The event happened from December 15-17 at Govindram Seksariya Management Institute, Indore and was based around the theme of “पाठकों और पुस्तकों के बीच बढ़ती दूरियां’. The Festival was no ordinary literature festival but was packed with events lined up for the entire three days. From encouraging the participants to read, to talk shows and debates, I had a great time being a part of all the events and live performances, especially the storytelling sessions.While there were dignitaries like Director of Oxford Business College and historians of Indore and MP, some open panel discussions and interviews with renowned poets were also a part of the three-day Indore Literature Festival. In other segments, problems faced by the literature world today, comprises made by poets and writers were also in talks. Here's a quick three-minute read for all that happened at Indore Literature Festival:

50 writers, 35 sessions, and 2 live concerts

The festival started at 10:30 AM on December 15 (first day) with a Kathak dance which was then followed by puppets and muppets shows. One of a kind festival entertained every age group of people, from kids to speakers like Commissioner Sanjay Dubey. The people also got the opportunity to interact with the likes of India Today Editor Uday Mahurkar but before that, here's what you should know.

Hindi will become the world's headpiece

In one of the sessions scheduled at ILF 2017, London's Oxford Business College's Director and Hindi poet Dr. Padmesh Gupta talked on the growing popularity of Hindi and the challenges faced by the world.

The Joy of Giving

Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Anshu Gupta conducted a session on "दान देने की खुशी" along with Divisional Commissioner of Indore Sanjay Dubey on his experiences, an event moderated by Siddhant Joshi at Audi 1 of the venue.At the same time Nikhla Bhuradia, Chitra Mudgal, Sharad Pagare, Krishna Agnihotri, Geetashree, and Anil Yadav's compositions took place in Audi 2 of the venue.

Live Gazal concert

India Today Editor Uday Mahurkar expressed his views on "The New Paradigm in Governance" followed by an open mic session named "मैं भी कवि' 'मैं भी लेखक".As the first day came to an end, people enjoyed the live ghazal performance by Pooja Gaitonde late in the evening.

Writers, bloggers, and artists

As pictured, kids also had a great time there with activities like fancy dress competition. Writers, bloggers, and artists from all over the country were seen indulging themselves in art, history, and literature of India.While all this was going on, people were enjoying their tea too. We all love to have that cup of tea, especially in winters. You might as well start drinking it according to your mood. Read on to know more.

Drink tea according to your mood

Blogger and writer Prabhat Ranjan and Aparna Kapoor were seen in talks with Snigdha Manchanda and discussed on the topic "Which tea to drink as per one's mood?"Naresh Saxena, Chitra Mudgal, Padma Sachdev, Liladhar Mandloi and Anil Yadav were also seen as the attendees.

Bollywood, songwriters, and actors

As the second day was coming to an end, film actors namely Anupam Kher, Dr. Pranav Pandya, and Raghuvir Chaudhary made the day better for everyone present out there by participating in ILF 2017.

Live musical show

Bollywood songwriter and scriptwriter Manoj Mundhish presented a musical show.Amongst one of the open discussions, Mr. Parveen Singhal, Chief Content Officer of World's Second Largest Content Marketing Platform was also present. 

WIttyFeedians at ILF

ILF 2017 also witnessed the gracious presence of Mr. Parveen along with one of WittyFeed's Storytellers Arhma Siddiqui who enlightened the audience with their knowledge and talked about the changes content industry is experiencing.

Hindi's not tough

Lastly, Editor of DainikBhaskar.com and writer Anuj Khare spoke on the topic of book warming on Saturday with Sudhir Azad and Dr. Abrar Multani. During the fest, writer Anuj Khare said that printing of books for Hindi writers is not as difficult as it is said or understood.Stay Connected, Stay Updated!Subscribe now, or contact me at kanishka@wittyfeed.com