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People Like You And Me Who Became Sensations Overnight Thanks To The World Wide Web

The Internet has the power to make any ordinary individual a sensation overnight. With regards to giving its people something to watch, Google or even discuss, this technological boon has never neglected to live up to our desires.Over the past year, we witnessed various new faces appear on our social media pages for the first time. They first appeared in a video and then there was no looking back. These ordinary people soon became a part of our lives because it was their memes that we shared on our timelines each day.Come, let's take a look at the sensations on the Internet who made our 2017 a lot better. 

Omprakash Mishra 

His song 'Bolna Aunty Aau Kya' made him the so-called 'Rap-King' and people simply couldn't keep calm, and soon he became a subject for various memes that people shared on social media profiles. 

Omprakash's "Sot" rocked, Nation  shocked 

His video went viral and people even got together in Delhi's Connaught Place to sing the lyrics of his song. A song which garnered around 3 million views. 

Pooja Jain aka Dhinchak Pooja 

From the epic selfie song to entering the Bigg Boss house, Dhinchak Pooja has not failed to be in the spotlight the entire year. However, this girl should be appreciated for sticking to doing what she wanted, despite being trolled and hated. 

Dilon ka shooter hai iska scooter 

People couldn't keep calm and various funny memes surfaced on the Internet which focused on trolling her singing abilities and how she entertained her audience. 

Gormint aunty 

And here's someone who literally focused on speaking her heart out but people made fun of the way she expressed herself and soon memes flourished.  

If you have no clue about who she is...

...you are probably living under a rock. She is Qamar and is a resident of Martin Quarters in Karachi. Qamar became so popular that even All India Bakchod (AIB) made memes and a video compilation featuring Irrfan Khan. 

Prayer aunty 

Prayer aunty became popular during the IPL final when a camera in the stadium caught her praying for Mumbai Indians' victory. It was also speculated that she was the reason for team's win. But, soon it turned out that this prayer aunty is not an ordinary woman. 

Who is she in real? 

She is Purnima Dalal, mother of Nita Ambani. Reports also stated that the entire team of Mumbai Indians calls her Nani and she is a lucky charm for them. 

Nagarpalika guy 

Shahid Alvi Sid aka the Nagarpalika guy became famous for a video where he was seen ranting against the government. He lives in Kanpur but his video became famous in India and Pakistan. 

Humko aur apko aage aana hoga 

There have been a lot of compilations and video memes on Shahid's statements and to everyone's surprise, all the videos went really viral. 

Kamlesh and his solution 

Facebook memes on Kamlesh and his solution also went viral this year. However, it also highlighted the dark side of drug addiction. The video that went viral is disturbing but it somehow happened to become cool too.That's all people. If you know about more such legends let us know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com