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This New Year, Write A Beautiful 365-Page Book For Yourself

“Cheers to New Year and another chance for us to get it right” and “New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday” are not just over-rated slogans, but well thought out words written by people with experience and who have the courage to embrace certain things in their lives that might have gone wrong. Well, not everyone requires such slogans to remind themselves that there needs to be something new, something positive in their life.So here is a reminder for those who feel, reading something positive will definitely ease them through a great year that is waiting for them.

Kickstart the page 1 of your year

Like they say, first day at work is the trailer to the storm that is about to appear. That said, make sure that the first day is filled with zeal so that you feel organised, fresh and ready to face whatever the year has to throw at you.

Don't just use those sports shoes for a month or two

Let’s face it, we all have been there. This is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions that everyone makes. Spending the entire year’s membership fee and sometimes on the gym wear makes your hard earned money go to the drains. This only proves to be extremely disrespectful to your own self. Instead of that, take a pledge that whatever the world has provided to you to be truly owned by yourself, ie. your body, you need to take care of it and not just let it degrade in front of you.

Help and be kind to yourself and others 

Being kind to yourself and others is the best thing you can do for yourself which in turn will make you a lot happier. Your self-esteem and the consciousness to deserve better in life will raise its bar. With this practice, you will definitely be ranked high on people’s good books.

Be positive

Think positively and trust in the universe to make things turn your way. Studies have found out that people with negative mindset have always ended up having a negative outcome. So it’s only natural, that such positive thinking has been given such a strong emphasis.

Love yourself

A lot of you are busy finding someone who would love you and who you can love back, but unfortunately, you forget the one person you need to love first-yourself. You need to tattoo it in your brain. Whatever personal, psychological problems you face can be healed by learning to love yourself no matter what.

Be grateful

Gratitude is the habit to notice and admire the positives around the world, particularly in your world. So practice shifting attention from what you don’t have to what you do and start appreciating it. This will not only impact your day-to-day mood but also your physical health.

Do what you love

The time period that you have for your yourself is the first 18 years of your life and after 65 when you retire. That means you have around 45 years where you work and take the important decisions of your life. Therefore, rather than hating what you do and waiting for the weekends, find a job that you would love. Life is too short to waste on things that don’t inspire you to wake up every day and feel energised.