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50+ Thoughts A Wedding Horse Might Have While Having A Groom Over It

A few weeks back, I happened to attend Preeti Singhal's wedding in Hyderabad. Preeti is WittyFeed's CEO Vinay Singhal's younger sister who also served the company for two years as the head of Accounts Department.My first visit to Hyderabad gave me lots of beautiful memories and of course, the opportunity to draft this article.While the wedding ceremony was going on, and we all were busy witnessing the grand moments, Prasanna Singh Sir (WittyFeed's Sales Department Head) who was standing beside me, whispered in my ear, "Look at the horse, so calmly bearing everything that's going on."And the very moment, all my attention was dragged into that Baraat horse who was carrying the handsome groom Rohit Ji.So that was the time, I imagined myself as that shiny horse for a while, and the further thoughts flowed like this...

Does this guy weigh heavy? No, no.

Does he even realise how much I mean to him, for now at least?

No guy can turn into a groom without we horses.

Yes, we...

Wow, we are so important in man's life. Yayy!

But why these human beings value us just for this day?

Human beings are so mean... They are using us, exploitation I mean.

Wedding ceremonies are incomplete without us.

Do they realise this?

I am feeling so special today. I am so important.

But why they are making me feel I am a servant?


If I want, I can spoil everything here in a jiffy.

Wait, this wedding seems huge than the ones I have attended till the date.

The arrangements are huge, so huge.

But why these ceremonies are so loud?

Look at them, these guys are tirelessly playing instruments.

I am not getting what they are playing, this sounds so strange.

Anyway, this sounds interesting. Why we horses' community can't have such musical gatherings?

I should take this matter to my seniors.

Can I bring the revolutionary change in our community?

Yass, yass I can.

Wow I am feeling so good now.

Hey groom, are you feeling discomfort? I am feeling so.

Wait, wait, look at these guys, they are dancing like anything.

Looking at them, I am feeling like dancing.

But I can't. This man sitting over me has so much of trust on me.

How long they will make me stand like this?

Are they testing my level of patience?

Do they have arrangements for my food?

I am about to feel hungry.

I am thirsty as well.

Aww look at that girl, so pretty.

Ah, this whole bunch of girls is so beautiful.

How much have these people paid to my master?

I guess huge. Hours of my standing with the weight over me definitely costs huge.

Will these guys stop for a while?

They will make me deaf today.

These loud noises irritate me.


Why is this crowd not moving ahead?

Human beings have exploited we horses so much.

I am here just for my master's sake.

How long would I have to stay like this?

Oh God, this is going too much...

Why am I thinking so much?

I should enjoy the moments the way these beautiful girls are enjoying.

You lucky dude, you are at a grand event today. Just look around and chill.

This non-stop music is making me tap my feet.

Should I start dancing?

Hey groom, can you get down for a while?

Just kidding, man!

Ah, I should stop being a horse now. Thanks for reading me guys, write to me at leena@wittyfeed.com if you liked this article. Also, mention what other pointers I missed in the instance. Stay tuned! Cover image credits: kudosmusic.co.uk