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On His Death Bed, Bhishma Pitamaha Revealed The Secret Of How To Keep A Woman Happy

Believe it or not, ancient India gave more importance to women. With superior powers, women became ultimate idols for every follower. In fact, the word 'shakti' which means power is also associated with women and how divine they are. We have examples like Sita, Draupadi, Parvati, Sati and many more to prove what a man can't but a woman can do. Bhishma Pitamaha, who is the eighth son of Kuru King Shantanu and Goddess Ganga revealed some secrets about women when he was on his death bed. These secrets might fascinate most people who are fond of history. 

Bhishma's death... 

After the war of Kurukshetra came to an end, Bhishma was injured really badly. He awaited his death on a bed of arrows that injured him. 

Some important learnings... 

In the last moments of his life, Bhishma called Yudhishthira and told him some important things that all men must focus on. 

Respecting a woman should be a priority 

Bhishma uttered three important points that must be followed by everyone in a family. A woman leaves her house, her name and her people to live with her husband and these things must always be taken care of. 

The happiness of a woman 

Bhishma taught everyone that a household can only flourish and be happy if the leading lady of the house remains happy and contented. 

Even Gods from Hindu mythology don't encourage this 

If a woman is not happy, the household never flourishes and positivity starts to deteriorate. 

Respecting women... 

Bhishma also went ahead and told that if our own daughters or someone else's daughter (daughter-in-law) are not respected in the house, bad luck is bound to come and nothing can stop its repercussions. 

How must a daughter-in-law be treated? 

Even they must be respected, they might not be your daughters but they are someone else's daughter. The circle of karma never spares anyone. 

Curses are lethal 

Bhishma also informed Yudhishthira that a man must never do anything that will further force a woman to curse him. Curses have a very dark outcome and everyone must avoid it. 

You won't survive if a woman curses you 

Bhishma went on to say that a transgender, a pregnant woman, a priest and anyone who is poor, helpless must not be irritated because the curses that people give in agitation can make anyone a zero from a hero. 

Ramayana is one such example 

Ravana kidnapped Sita and tortured her mentally, we all know how his life came to an end and what all he had to face after that. SourceThat's all people. Tell us what you think about these learnings in the comment section below.