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How Did Five People from Completely Different Professions Choose the Same Car? 

Technology nowadays has become an integral part of the human society, people using the best of technology in their day to day life are the most progressive people in the world. And off late Indians are becoming more and more demanding for the technology that is evolving at a fast pace in any of the fields that you look out for.The same holds true for the automotive industry which has all the more reasons to come out with revolutionary products that meet the requirement of the people in India who always look out for thoda aur.So to evaluate the same thoda aur need, we questioned a few people from different professional backgrounds who were looking out for that thoda aur factor in a car.And we found something very interesting in our conversations with them.


So in our conversation with Harsh, we found out that he just bought a car which works as dopamine with him. When he gets too stressed with his social lifestyle and long working hours he goes out for a long drive in his Next Gen VERNA which works like magic for him, especially with the 128 ps power of its diesel engine that runs extremely smooth on all the six-speed gearbox.He specifically likes the way Next Gen VERNA performs in the city and on long journeys due to its smooth handling and class-leading 1.6 ltr engine.


Reeya, an artist by profession, meets new people every day. She has an in-depth knowledge of art, right from Picasso to Michael Angelo, she has a lot of information to share about the best artists the world has ever seen. And the moment we asked her what car you drive she was all praises for her Next Gen VERNA because she thinks Hyundai has done a tremendous job in giving attention to the detailing, right from the superbly designed dashboard to the sleek LED DRLs. She loves the hands free smart trunk the most, which saves her from the hassle of manually opening up the boot when she is carrying her paintings in her hands.


Yashaswi, a freelance architect, said she was eagerly waiting for such an elegantly designed sedan with smart features at a good price. Impressed by the unique style of the Next Gen VERNA, which is incredibly sleek with a coupe-like profile, she says that it truly suits her lifestyle and profession.


Then we had a word with Dr Das who was specifically looking out for the best safety features in a sedan. He was delighted with the advanced safety of the Next Gen VERNA, which comes with a six-airbag system along with ABS. The turning headlamps for improved visibility were just the perfect add-on!


Finally, we had a word with Chef Manav who happens to work in a top-notch hotel chain.He told us that he was impressed with the sense of space in the car, along with front ventilated seats that completely elevates the comfort quotient.A chef is lost without the tools of his trade thus finding it convenient to have a well-equipped car with ample storage space which the Next Gen VERNA offers along with padded arm-rest which adds to his luxury!There is no doubt about the intelligent design and dynamic performance the Next Gen VERNA offers along with its new age technologies. Those who are planning to upgrade to a new car in the coming months, we highly recommend the 'Indian Car of the Year 2018' - Next Gen VERNA which has been recognised as leading the mid-high sedan segment.