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LIKE App Is Now The BEST To Brag About For These Three Reasons

Do you know an average of 95 applications is seen on a user's smartphone? There are more than 3.3 Million applications on Google Play Store as of September 2017 and 2.2 Million on Apple App Store. How would you feel if you developed an application and Google Play Store Awards ranked it to be the BEST? Well, the makers of LIKE APP felt the same when they were awarded in not one but three categories.The above happened because of LIKE app's innovative features. The 3-D features of the same are some of the best in the entertainment world, the very reason which makes 20 million registered users choose LIKE over any other application in 187 countries respectively.Not just a video app, you can even socialize with their Fun Community and get to browse the best videos made on LIKE. It also comes with a music library so that you can make lip-sync videos and automatic beauty effects too. Want to know more about the application? And, the categories, of course.

Topping the world in these three categories

To start with the categories, LIKE bagged the BEST APP award in the ENTERTAINMENT category, SOCIAL APP category, and MOST POPULAR APP too.It is almost of a miracle when the application was launched in August and stands out in the market of smartphone applications (with cut-throat competition). The stars of the film industry were the ones behind the launch, helping it to earn the name and finally grab the spot in today's times. Shahid Kapoor, Nargis, Neha Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Arjun Kapoor, and Sunil Grover are the ones who supported it initially, but who knew that it'd register millions of downloads later. So, what's so unique about it? Let's see.

An app full of effects

The maximum number of downloads (millions) in the shortest span of time also contributes to the success of the application, topping the Google chart. Wondering how?The combination of unique 3D effects, BOOM effects and superior effects in one single application is the USP. Now, you won't need other applications for editing a video because the LIKE APP alone allows you to put effects like Sci-Fi and 3D Magical Effects. It was breath-taking when the first time I made a video and was able to reappear after vanishing in the same video. That's not it, with a total of 12 kinds of 3D magic effects like Rocket,  Fly, Minify, Zoom, to name a few you can make videos along with camera roll effects like Laser Eye, Ice Butterfly, Heart, Frozen, etc.

Check it out for yourself. 

What are you waiting for then? It doesn't matter whether you're an Android user or iOS, it's on both the platforms.Start making your music videos along with magical effects, share it with your friends and do the unimaginable. Don't forget to upload it to the LIKE community, who knows; you might just get popular?Download it right away.