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10 Things To Do When You Are In Mumbai 

Whenever we think of traveling, we either run out of places to visit, or the money to spend. Forget abroad, many times it becomes difficult for us to visit desi-exotic locations. But we all know, that there is no place as colorful, beautiful and diverse as our country - and unless we've explored our nation in all of its beauty, why think of going abroad? Mumbai, India's mayanagari offers everything to add to your beautiful album of memories. And adding to the already existing vibrancy of the city is St+art India Foundation that is working to beautify the treasures of Mumbai. So, now is the best time for you to explore Mumbai's treasures basking in its new glory. Here is what the newly-beautified Mumbai has to offer you:

1. Witness the rich history of Mumbai

Unravel the vast historical treasures lying undiscovered in Mumbai. Experience the colorful essence of Northern Mumbai, explore the old buildings, streets, and churches where each brick narrated the tale of this prosperous city. Take a stroll through the pastoral lanes and re-live the ‘Bombay’ days.

2. Embrace the beauty of Churchgate Station

A walk around the Churchgate Station is definitely mesmerising. The street art there is extremely eye-catching. The station has a 25-m high mural of Mahatma Gandhi worked on by the St+art India Foundation that encourages street art for the beautification of Indian cities with the support of Asian Paints.

3. Bitten by the shopping bug, Crawford Market's the right place for you.

You visit Mumbai and don't go shopping - that just cannot happen. Crawford Market is the most versatile of all markets in Mumbai. From fruits to pets, cosmetics to electronics - you name it and this market has it.Located near Victoria Terminus, this market is connected to various parts of the city by public transports. So no excuses, have fun shopping!

4. Midnight cycling

It doesn't matter how many times you've been to this city - if you haven't strolled the streets at midnight, you haven't seen it all. You can hire your own bicycles and t a beautiful coastal route in Mumbai -  Marine Drive, Shivaji Park, and many other famous landmarks.

5. Mumbai Local - Lifeline of Mumbai

Mumbai local is the pulse of this city. A little crowded, but it sure makes your commute a cake walk. Observe the beating hearts of the city while being a part of them.

6. Love Mumbai

A typography installation 'Love Mumbai' was set up at Bandra Reclamation by St+art India and Asian Paints for the Mumbaikars to see and cherish. And trust me, seeing this, you will fall in love with Mumbai, even if you are visiting the place for the first time.The photo courtesy goes to St+art foundation and Asian Paints.

7. Give your taste buds the 'Street Food' treatment

While here, you just cannot miss digging into the mouthwatering street food of Mumbai. Start with the signature dish – Vada Pav.Satiate your taste buds with a plate of luscious Bhelpuri at Chowpatty, witness the scenic sun setting in the serene waters of the Arabian Sea.

8. Sassoon Docks

St+art India Festival supported by Asian Paints has put up an experiential exhibition with installations, wall murals, screenings and AV experiences at Sasson Docks, this November and December.One of the most brilliant artworks here is fishing nets with words that describe the sights, sounds, and smell associated with the Koli fishermen community.

9. The Queen's Necklace - Marine Drive

The most outstanding view of Mumbai can only be enjoyed here. Aptly called The Queen's Necklace, the coastline lightens up as the sun goes down like the jewels ornating a queen. There is nothing as relaxing as the subtle sprinkles of water from the waves crashing on the coast. If you've had a long tiring day, a stroll on this drive can sure freshen you up.

10. Rafting experience at Vaitarna river

You need to drive a little away from Mumbai to reach Vaitarna river, an evolving water adventure destination. Get ready for a thrilling experience. Hop on your raft and prep up to bash arousing waves. Take a deep breath and get ready for some nerve-chilling fun.

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St+art India Foundation with Asian Paints is beautifying this city with art displays and much more.And the only way to witness it is to pack your bags and board the next train to Mumbai.