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These Statements By Arshi Khan's Father Will Leave You Speechless

Bigg Boss is one such show where we usually get to see the ugly side of all the contestants, who keep lashing out at each other and getting into brawls and fights is quite a common scene that takes place inside the house. On 7th December's episode, we will get to see a completely different side of these contestants' personalities where all of them will break down into tears. Coz the makers are all set to give them the biggest surprise of their life and family members of participants will go inside the house to meet their loved ones.In a video promo of this special episode (it is attached below) you can see Shilpa Shinde's mother and Vikas Gupta's mommy dearest getting in to meet them. What surprised us was Arshi Khan's father's appearance on the show. But this isn't the news. Post his visit to Bigg Boss House, Arshi Khan's father gave some really shocking statements during an interview with the leading Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar. 

Arshi Khan is undoubtedly one of the most controversial contestants in Bigg Boss 11. 

But let me you very clear that Arshi is one such participant who didn't get this tag of being 'controversial' after she became a part of Bigg Boss, she has been a part of many controversies in her life before entering the house too.

She has made it to the headlines many times.

Recently, when Arshi's father paid her a visit inside the Bigg Boss House, the media was curious to know about his opinion about his daughter Arshi and her 'deeds' which helped her grab headlines numerous times.

And while talking to the leading Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar...

Arshi's father gave some really surprising statements. 

When asked about Arshi's highly bold statement of being in a physical relationship with Shahid Afridi...

Her father chose to remain calm and came up with a really shocking reply.

Arshi's father said...

"Arshi is an ambitious girl. When she entered the world of modelling, she wanted to gain instant fame and popularity. And to grab the eyeballs, Arshi chose this way of linking herself to Pakistan's celebrity cricketer Shahid Afridi. I must say that this actually helped my daughter to grab the limelight."

When her father was asked that whether or not he approves Arshi's bold behaviour, her father replied... 

"I really don't disapprove or disagree with what Arshi does."