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Anu Malik's Younger Daughter Looks Bollywood Ready And We Can't Deny

Anu Malik is considered to be one of the most celebrated singers that we have in B-Town today. His songs have always made his audience croon, hum, and even hit the dance floor. There's a part of his life that not many people talk about and it is his personal life. The singer and music director is blessed with two adorable daughters who are all grown up. Today's subject of discussion is going to be his younger daughter Ada Malik who looks Bollywood ready, and we simply can't get enough of her.Here are some pictures of Ada that are going to speak volume about how adorable she is. 

A quick look at Anu Malik's family.

Anu married Anju and the couple is blessed with two daughters Ada and Anmol. While Anmol herself is an Indian playback singer Ada happens to be a fashion designer. 

The 22-year-old beauty, Ada.

A fashion designer by profession, Ada completed her college from Parsons School of Design, New York. 

Ada and Varun Dhawan in one frame.

Ada pursued a course in fashion designing. At such a young age, she graced the opportunity of showcasing her designs at the New York fashion week amongst brands like Marchesa and Valentino. 

Uff yeh ada... 

Can't figure out which Ada is more adorable. 

Ada keeps on sharing her pictures on Instagram.

And I'm glad that she does this, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to figure her stark resemblance with that of a doll. 

Fringe, fringe, fringe... 

A fringe cut can just do the wonders. This new look compliments her and I'm sure she will go a long way. 

Happy family moments... 

Because pictures are important to capture the happy moments.   

And that's what they were clicking.

Girls, we all have our fangirl moments, and maybe this was Ada's fangirl moment. 

Winged liner done right! 

And I don't know how to get this right, probably time to take some lessons from her.