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If You Ever Get Stuck In These Boring Situations, We Have A Tested Solution 

Being bored can be incredibly uninteresting. It happens to most of us when we are stuck in awkward and boring situations and have no clue what to do. So, what can a poor bored soul do? All you need to do is find something that tests your mind and also keeps you occupied. In other words, you just have to #GetWittyHow? Have a look! 

Boredom Situation #1:

When you’re on a blind date and both of you have nothing to say. 

Boredom Situation #2: 

When parents discuss your career with guests & relatives, and you just want to get out of that situation. 

Boredom Situation #3:

When your best friend leaves you alone with his or her new friend. 

Boredom Situation #4:

When you see a couple having a heated conversation, and you can’t do anything but stare. 

Boredom Situation #5: 

When you’re home alone, and bae is offline.

Boredom Situation #6:

When you aren’t sleepy but have to force yourself to sleep.

Boredom Situation #7:

Those long drives when the music system is not working, and you don’t have anything to talk about. 

'But, what is the solution?’

Well, all you need is to #GetWitty 

So, whether you're in the middle of taking a dump, or you're trying not to fall asleep in the metro ride, Witty Games is your go-to solution. "You catch up on the new rage of Indianised social casino games by Witty Games. Switch around different tables on their new offerings, ‘Rummy King’ and ‘InBetween.’ It’s almost like you’re at a casino even when you’re bored during a painful commute. Strategy, luck and the rush of a big win awaits. Download here!"Next time, don’t get bored; get witty.  That’s all, folks!