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Find Out Which Car Gets Artified After Mercedes In Cartist Yatra's Next Stop 

A journey is best enjoyed when you are traveling from one place to another, and while covering all those kilometers, you savor the moments, capture memories and cherish the fun times you had while making a pitstop. Similarly, we are back with more updates from the premeditated journey covering the major art and cultural centers (cities) across the country. The Cartist Yatra 2017-18, a prime conception by the CARTIST organization, dedicated to encouraging the art and culture started their journey from Jaipur on November 4, and while you're reading this, the Yatra is moving ahead on its course making an artistic impact on the minds of people. The automobile theme-based exhibition is set to cover 9100 kilometers in 110 days. With three giant shipping containers, painted cars, automobile artworks and much more, after starting off from Jaipur, the caravan so far has traveled through Ajmer, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune. There remains a lot many cities in the journey ahead, but for now, after exiting Pune Cartist reached Hyderabad and here are a few highlights you wouldn't want to miss out on:

Hitex exhibition center

Shipping containers, 15 artists and a huge collection of automobile art reached Hyderabad to showcase their talent and the artworks from December 2 to 4. Apart from the automobile art, there were live painting sessions, various art activities and events at Hitex exhibition center. Go on, and enjoy the ride.

75 artists

About 75 artists participated and created artworks on canvas in their distinct genre of depiction on the automobile theme. Although, the pictured ambassador is from the time in Pune. The legacy of Indian automobile, the ambassador was painted live during the halt in Pune. Similarly, Cartist witnessed another live session in Hyderabad too.

Cartist got two cars, Verna and Maruti for artists to perform live car painting. While Verna was painted by Shrikant Ranga from Jaipur, a local group of artists painted 

Verna in traditional batik print in colorful hues

Shrikant Ranga from Jaipur was the one who painted Verna live in a traditional batik print. He's the same person who artified brand new Mercedes E-type 220 in Pune.

Sessions, selfies, and more

Art lovers who visited the exhibition had a great time, and apart from clicking photographs and selfies, they also participated in the event. 

Sessions, Selfies, and more

Himanshu Jangid of Cartist said that “For us, this was a historical journey in itself. We started from Jaipur on 4th of November with a hope to see people support us and after receiving tremendous support from all the cities, we are highly obliged. After seeing the love of art, we will definitely come with even a bigger event in the near future.”

A quick recap

In total, in a span of one month, Cartist painted 15 cars, witnessed the participation of more than 500 artists and 15 schools during the Cartist yatra.

Handmade frames

Two 1:1 hand-made frames of Jaguar E-Type and a Volkswagen Beetle were also kept for display.

Cartist automobile art festival 2018

At the end of the three months, Cartist will be organizing the annual Cartist automobile art festival 2018 at a huge level inviting the selected artists from each city to Jaipur in February.