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This Is What The World's First IT Park For Differently Abled Has To Offer

You must have observed that with time, the country is working on various projects to bring people with disabilities to the front. Another progression to which is taken by the Telangana government after it made a colossal declaration on the eve of the International Day of Disabled Persons 2017.It declared that its city Hyderabad is all set to come up with the world's first dedicated IT park for persons with disability (PwD). There are different angles added to this IT park which will enable the handicapped to develop in the forthcoming years.So, come on let's see what are the things that we must know about this world's first IT park for disabled.Disclaimer: The images used in the story are for the representational purpose.

 Telangana IT secretary, Jayesh Ranjan, said...

The park will be developed in phases over the next two years. 

They will be provided requisite training and jobs.

According to the statement released by Telangana government, the IT park will consist of training, residential quarters and delivery stations for domestic and international clients. It is said to deliver jobs for 2,000 PwD in the upcoming next five years. 

The government has got into an agreement with Vindhya E-Infomedia Private Limited.

It is said that the government along with Vindhya will try to bring together various corporates firms and people that are willing to participate in making the world more inclusive.

The aids and appliances for disabled would include...

Department of Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizen has decided to offer aids and appliances like tricycles, motorized vehicles, wheelchairs, calipers, artificial limbs, crutches, hearing aids, laptops, mp3 players and braille books to 12,000 disabled persons. 

Children will be sanctioned pre-matric scholarships.

Around 2,000 children with disabilities from class 1st to 10th will be allowed pre-matric scholarships. In addition to this, 500 PwDs will be covered under economic rehabilitation scheme. This all will be done to set up self-employment units with bank linkages. 

Even coaching facilities will be provided.

The department has also introduced to provide coaching for competitive examinations to 250 unemployed PwDs.

According to the Telangana government's declaration...

This world's first dedicated IT park for persons with disability (PwD) is being planned to cover an area of 10 acres in Hyderabad near the Shamshabad airport in the public-private partnership mode. Source: The Times Of India