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Reasons Why Laxmi Narayan Chose To Become A 'HIJRA' Are Path-Breaking 

Namashkaar, good evening...Boys, girls, young, old, male, female, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, hijra and whatever you want to feel about yourself... She addressed people and went on to say what she had to say.Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a transgender LGBT rights activist, went on to break some myths with her Josh Talk and it definitely deserves our attention when we are done gossiping about the Padmavati row which surfaced on the internet. Sadly, we have various judgments and assumptions on the third gender of the society. We say we live in a modern world, yes, a world where KINNERS, HIJRAS, TRANSGENDERS aren't given importance. They are seen with disgust and hatred. WHY? Read further and you might just get some major food for your thoughts and also an answer to this question. 

She started her speech by quoting this... 

Laxmi wants each one of us to know and understand the importance of people of her community. Right from the medieval time, they have been everywhere but weren't acknowledged by anyone. 

"When I was born, the sex assigned was that of a male."

But, she did not let it define her. 

Laxmi fought for who she was and the mere fact of his/her wasn't enough to decide how far she will go. 

"I was abused because of my own femininity."

There is so much going on behind the curtains.

And we often fail to acknowledge. 

"Men are so incomplete, they need to wonder how much of an X chromosome they are and how much of a Y they are."

Laxmi went ahead and shared her experience as a dancer.

The struggles that she had to deal with are no less than the way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The more is endured, the stronger being you become. But, this social activist definitely has something to say to all the men out there. 

"My people sold their body for 20 bucks, 50 bucks and even 100 bucks."

The power of saying no to something.

The minute you realise this one, you know you have it there. 

"When I said no my life changed."

Laxmi shared about the partiality and discrimination that her community faces.

The tough years of British rule and then even after India got the Independence her community did not get the much-deserved respect and their place in the society. 

"Many people in my community are not as lucky as I am."

Initially, when she was introduced with all this, she did not like HIJRAS. 

She thought they always clap and strip naked. But, when she was introduced to the concept and tradition, she realised it was so much of her and that's how she embraced her identity. 

"I was scared to go to the rest-room. I thought people would spank me, tease me and make fun of me."

Life taught her one thing and it is loving oneself. 


"Society has never taught the mothers, sisters, daughters to love themselves. We are taught to love our family, name of the family, then married husband, son, brother, everyone but no one says love your self."

Laxmi is breaking all the norms with her bold steps.

She ended her words by saying these inspiring lines for people like her and with respect to all that they have endured so far. She further adds: