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Is Egg Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian? 

As a kid, there have been various questions that popped up in our mind, and even today we are trying to find the answer of some. Aren't we? One of the most tricky questions which I have come across is: What came first, the egg or the hen who gave it?A similar question which is also an extension to the previous one has already been in a debate. Is egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Confusing enough? Let's talk about it in detail. 

Who came first? Hen or egg? 

The argument dates back to the old era when people had this question in mind. Our mindful scientists have already revealed that as per their researches it was the hen that came into existence before the egg. 

A protein named ovocleidin 17 helps in...

Scientists have suggested that it is this protein which is present in a hen's womb that helps in the formation of the egg. Without it, eggs can't be formed. 


It has also been proven that this protein is not present anywhere else which implies that first hens came into existence and then came the egg which was formed via the protein. 

Let's head further to the main argument.

This was to support the argument of existence, let's head to the big question on whether an egg is vegetarian or not. 

An egg is not non-vegetarian.

If you are also the one who feels that the eggs that we consume are the ones which hens lay in form of their kids, you are absolutely WRONG, my friend. 

If you think that you are eating a half-grown child of a hen...

Let me also bring this to your notice that what we get in the market is an unfertilized egg. 

By unfertilised eggs we mean that they have been taken out before the time.

There's no point on the egg being a child or chicken then. 

Three parts of an egg.

We all are aware of the fact that egg has three parts. Its shell-like covering, the white edible part, and the egg yolk. 

The white part is vegetarian.

Researches show that the white part of the egg contains proteins and it is vegetarian. It has no part of the hen's body, so there is no point of it being non-vegetarian. 

Egg yolk 

Alike the white part this part also contains a lot of proteins. If the egg happens to be an unfertilized one, the yellow part is also vegetarian, but if the egg is fertilized, it might contain gametes which will make it non-vegetarian. 

The yellow part is important because...

The fact that this part of the egg has the highest amount of proteins makes it very healthy. This is why most people prefer eating it. 

Want to know the difference? 

The major difference between an unfertilized egg and a fertilized egg is that one looks more yellow than the other because of the presence of gametes. SourceThat's all, people. If you wish to say something about this, drop your comments below.