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This Photo Series Of 'A Boy With Umbrella!' Has Something Interesting To Share

"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it." - Edward SteichenWhile surfing the internet a few days back, I came across a picture series of a boy holding an umbrella. It sounds so basic, right... A Boy With Umbrella! However, you will be astounded to know the purpose behind this photo series.So, after I dug deep into it, I found it to be a photo series clicked by Shourya Sengar from Photobuggers. It is captured in the excellent areas of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. The photographer himself calls this photo series to be the most intrigued one by his community. Let's have a look at the work.

It began with 'Creative Block'.

'Creative Block' is said to be a common phase in the life of a photographer. It is when they just cannot get what they expect from their photographs. Shourya loves to travel, he visits various places but one day, came a point in his life when he suffered the 'Creative Block'. 

While going through the trauma...

He read somewhere that it is important for a photographer to make that moment his own so that it can't be recreated in the same way again. 

In simple words...

For better understanding, if he had taken these photographs without the boy in the frame, it would have been a straightforward landscape. 

So, he thought out of the box.

In order to influence this photo as his own and that too with his own signature style, he needed to think of something other than what's expected. And that something was 'A Boy with Umbrella!!'

He went to different locations and tried different compositions.

"I tried different frames & composition at different locations & to keep the series lively, I tried to keep the unique elements in every photograph like the Slow shutter, Jumping boy in the air, Symmetry & Rule of thirds," he wrote in his blog. 

Currently, the picture series, 'A Boy With Umbrella!' is photographed only in Himachal Pradesh. 

But the photographer has enough plans to bring new components in the series at various other locations. 

Let's meet 'A Boy With Umbrella!'.  

His name is Divyansh Sengar and he is the brother of the photographer, Shourya Sengar. "I thank him for all the patience he wore with me during the whole series. It would not have been possible without him. Thank you for your sporting spirit," he concluded. Well, that's all folks. I hope you liked the story of 'A Boy With Umbrella!'.Source: PHOTOBUGGERSIf you have an interesting story to share, do write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com