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NEVER Ask These 15 Questions To An Engineer Or Be Ready To Die 

Imagine that you study your ass off to clear an exam and when you finally get employed, it seems like the sole purpose of it is to get featured on memes. Yeah, that's pretty much the life of an engineer these days. Agree? Engineers happen to be those poor souls in our society who are questioned about every damn thing that can give them a major FOMO or piss the hell out of them. Here is a list of some of the most epic questions engineers face which are hilarious (to us) and annoying (to them) at the same time. PS: If you are an ENGINEER, I feel you and this is not to mock you! 

So, recently I happened to ask my team, 'what is the most annoying question you face being an engineer'?

Looked like the engineers in my team were all set to burst out the frustration. Here you continue with what I gathered...

That 'you are just wasting your time' reminder 

Are you the one to face this question? If so, what did you answer? 

Even an engineer doesn't know why


Best reaction to that question 

One of my fellow writers said, this was his exact reaction. 

A silent slap kinda question 

I had fun covering this article. I literally enjoyed...

The person who asks such questions must be hanged 

... this is what a senior writer in my team said.

Karke dekh lo na! 

I want Nawazuddin Siddiqui to see this article ;)

When you have no fucking clue of what he's doing 

And want to know eagerly...

That's namumkin! 

But legends exist in engineering sector. Right? 

Tired of listening to this one 

Not only in engineering, I am a writer and I often face this question.  

Aaye bade engineering karne 

Now I will ask this question to a fresh engineer.

We're done, we are so done after this one 

Hahaa see all these three faces' expression...