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Why Are Hollywood Films Better Than Bollywood?

Millions of movie buffs around the world don't consider Bollywood and Hollywood as merely film industry, it is a way of life for them. No matter how hard we try to mix in the flavours, swap the stars of these two entertainment industries. Still, there are a lot of things which make them miles apart. From classicism, romanticism, approach and how the audience perceives things, we have a lot in store for you. Come, let's see what makes HOLLYWOOD different from BOLLYWOOD. 

Bollywood: Larger than life characters 

A character as simple and mediocre as a cop is shown with such a larger than life approach as if they are master of some alternative universe. 

Hollywood: A superhero character is portrayed with much honesty 

This is something that attracts me more towards Hollywood films. Even a superhero is portrayed with depths of basic human emotions and normal problems which people like you and me face. There is no glorification of instances (well not as much as Bollywood has).

Bollywood: Overflowing emotions rule 

We tend to invest a lot of emotions which sometimes looks like overacting. 

Hollywood: Enacting the traits of the most admired characters 

The characters that are so admired worldwide have the ability to show less and do more. 

Bollywood: Obsessed with love stories 

And they occupy so much space that there's no place left for common sense to exist. Take an example of 2 States: people were so obsessed with the cute love story that many failed to notice some questioning blunders such as the fact that Alia gets to sleep in Arjun's dorm and no one like LITERALLY no one complains about it. How? Also, things move so fast forward that the entire essence of the journey evaporates with just one song being showcased. 

Hollywood: There are things more important than relationship

Relationships are just a part of a big picture in Hollywood which we Indian folks call life. Love stories are not the centre of attraction and this keeps the essence alive in any Hollywood film. 

Bollywood: MASALA obsessed 

If a commercial film lacks an ITEM NUMBER, we say that the film was incomplete but how are you suppose to twerk or shake that booty on a new song in a sangeet then? Repetitive song type with different moves and new faces attracts people so much that they forget it's not going to matter after 5 days or so. 

Hollywood: MASALA is minimal or absent 

They don't need such tricks to sell the content or make people watch what they have created. 

Bollywood: What is the major focus?

The only effect that deserves more attention is how the hero is looking and that's not all, we also tend to have a stereotype that they must be physically appealing. 

Hollywood: What is the major focus?

While Bollywood is busy paying attention to looks, Hollywood takes a step ahead and creates new things which can amaze people. 

Bollywood: Obsession with the protagonist 

We are so obsessed with the presence of a protagonist that we almost forget that a story will be incomplete without a side character or to be more specific a villain. For us, the protagonist is the God in the film. 

Hollywood: Almost every character gets equal attention 

I don't think I have to elaborate that further because we all are well aware of that fact. All characters,be it lead or supporting, get equal importance that they deserve. 

Now, not everything is negative, we have given gems to Hollywood and we can't deny the fact!

We gave Hollywood Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan to Hollywood (add Deepika and Priyanka to the list too). What more can Hollywood ask from Bollywood?That's all, people. If you have something to say about this, share your thoughts in the comment section.You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com