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13 Facts about Hinduism That Your Parents Will Never Tell You

Carrying with it the legacy of being the third largest religion in the world and containing a broad range of philosophies, Hinduism is certainly a unique way of life. It is an eternal tradition of bringing spiritual practices to practical synthesis and creating sustainable pathways for making and developing a tradition of mythological beliefs. It is the fusion of the eternal truth with the mystic.Hinduism has made it possible to help you in the ultimate realization of self and soul through different forms of behavioral teachings that mainly include meditation, good deeds, morality, and devotion.  There are still many things about this religion that you are not aware of. Find out some of the astonishing facts about Hinduism: 

The Real Name Of Hinduism Is Sanatana Dharma.

And some call it Vedic Dharma. The word Sanatana Dharma can be deciphered to Eternal Dharma or Eternal Truth.  

Hinduism Has No Founder.

Unlike other religions, Hinduism has no father. It is the state religion of India, which was originated in the period 1500-2000 BC. There were saints and priests who took a step forward to promote this religion. Otherwise, there is not even a single founder of Hinduism.  

There Is Only One God In Hinduism.

And that is Brahman. Yes, there is only one God, however, Brahman is in three forms. Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver), and Shiva (Destroyer). People further divided them into different figures like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Mata Saraswati, etc. 

From Stones To Plants, You Can Pick Anything From Nature. 

Hinduism never bounds you to pray only to the sculptures of Gods, you can choose anything of your interest from nature. People worship animals, plants, stones, stars, earth, etc.  

The Only Religion Of The World Which Promotes Feminism. 

This is one of the strongest facts of this religion. You will find figures like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Mata Laxmi, Mata Saraswati, Mata Vaishno, etc. The Brahman gave equal powers and rights to the male and female Gods, and this is literally setting a good example.    

People Also Worship Bleeding Devi In Hinduism. 

Menstrual discussions are considered taboo in the Indian society, but it is not the same case in Hinduism. People worship the bleeding Devi of Kamakhya Temple. It is considered that a woman is in her pure state during periods and she should be worshipped.    

Some Hindu Temples Are Made For A Different Purpose. 

You know the story of Khajuraho Temples? You will find a different kind of sculptures in these temples, exhibiting sex positions. These have been built when people were becoming saints, spending their time in temples. This was leading to the steep decline of the population statistics of that region.   

The Art Of Flexible Religion. 

There are no hard and fast rules in Hinduism. You are all free to accept anything without any limitations. There are no constraints on considering other religions too, as there is only one God and we worship it in different forms.     

There Are No Written Scriptures. 

Yes, the motive of Hinduism revolves around the fact that a person should listen to the Vedas, instead of just writing them. However, some saints finally wrote Vedas after a few years of the discovery of Hinduism.  

Theists And Atheists Share The Same Land In Hinduism. 

Yes, a person can be an atheist and there is nothing wrong with it, according to the rules of Hinduism. The motive is to spread positivity whether by considering the existence of the God or by analyzing different concepts.    

Hinduism Never Bounds You To A Particular Caste. 

Nobody in this world will tell you, but there are no castes in Hinduism. The concept of castes was created by people who wanted to diversify the religion by introducing a new factor.  

Wealth Is Not Considered As A Sin. 

Hinduism provokes people to live in a real world. This religion promotes money, sex and basic needs of a normal human. People worship Mata Laxmi for money, Mata Santoshi for peace and Mata Rati for sex.  

Suicide Is A Person's Right. 

The laws of our world consider attempting suicide disdainful. However, approve this practice. According to them, the act of suicide enables a person to reach for the divine powers of this universe.   

It is said that when people search after truth, they automatically end up in Hinduism. 

Hinduism is a man's everlasting search for truth.   NOTE: All the facts have been collected from different religious websites.