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11 Illustrations That Sum Up Every Indian Teenage Girl's Life

I AM A GIRL, AND I TAKE EXTREME PRIDE IN TELLING THE WORLD WHAT ALL IT TAKES TO BE ONE. I still remember my first ever emotional breakdown, first crush, first visit to a beauty salon, first night out and everything that I did for the very first time in my life. Good or bad, everything has shaped me into the person that I am today. I was reminiscing the old days when I goofed things up at the very first attempt at anything. Here are a few of the memories for you to relate and remember the similar moments you too lived once.

1. When you start wearing a bra.

Trust me, the struggle was real, and all girls will relate when I say that whenever we entered our rooms, we felt like getting rid of the bra (though we still feel the same). 

2. First ever PMS.

The cravings and cramps cannot be compared to anything in this world. 

3. First ever visit to a salon.

Okay, this one usually happened during the time of school farewell and believe me, it only gave you fairy-like feeling. 

4. Wearing a nice dress for the first time.

It surely gave those I'm a diva kinda feels but more than that the sense of doing it all by yourself was something that was an icing on the cake.

5. Pampering and getting ready for the first time.

That one moment when you dressed the way you wanted and that too without any restrictions. 

6. Getting stubborn eyebrow hair plucked.

Okay, this was painful but it was worth the pain. I mean, who likes scary brows? 

7. First ever experimentation with hair. 

It was a tough decision there but who cares, a fantasy is a fantasy! 

8. First sleepover.

It was difficult to convince the family for this one but when they finally agreed the drama was all worth it. 

9. When you dated for the first time.

And mom came to know about it, yes that was a first but the way you handled it was also something commendable. 

10. First ever tattoo.

Not a big tattoo fan, but this is for all those who endured that pain and took the extra mile for their wishes. 

11. First ever belly piercing 

Again a victorious moment to rejoice.Poster Credits: Ishita Bansal