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15 Controversial Movies That Are Banned In United States

Controversy is the best free publicity. The idea of prohibiting a film from being seen speaks to the power of the medium to address subjects ranging from politics and social issues to religion. Most of the time governments and other authority figures find certain cinematic voices threatening to their beliefs and lifestyles.

1. The Outlaw, 1943

This is the another film by Howard Hughes which was banned. This film was banned for three years as the Hughes appeared to be obsessed with Jane’s breasts, even to the extent of designing a new bra for her and showed that onscreen. Later it acquired huge success.

2. Birth Control, 1917

This film was ban by saying that it should be censored "in the interest of morality, decency, and public safety and welfare." Crowds already lined up to see the film at the Park Theater had to be turned away, as they were unaware of the last-minute decision. Margaret Sanger wanted the world to know that family planning can be done and so she made a film on that topic.

3. Scarface, 1932

This film was banned in five states and five cities as it was glorifying violence and crime. This movie came in the year 1932 and was produced by Howard Hughes. It was based on gangsters and crime.

4. The Birth of a Nation, 1995

This is an extremely racist film. It was banned in several states like Ohio, Kansas and West Virginia. It was banned due to its treatment of the Ku Klux Klan as the heroes of the movie and it has terrible representation of African Americans. Many big cities like Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and Chicago also banned the film.

5. Titicut Follies, 1967

This was a documentary which was based on the criminal patients at Massachusetts Correctional Institution and about their treatment. This was banned against the right to privacy. The Massachusetts Correctional Institution was worried because they did not want the audience to know that how the patients are abused.

6. I Am Curious, 1967

This film was made on a young girl who is sexually abused. The movie was banned for basically being a pornographic film.

7. Pink Flamigos, 1972

This movie was directed by John Waters and was banned in many small towns. It was banned because of acts depicting homosexual and heterosexual sex and many scenes which were exposed indecently.

8. The Tin Drum, 1979

This German film was first censored in two cities, Canada and Oklahoma as it depicting the oral sex between an underage boy and a legal woman. After few years, the movie was allowed to seen.

9. Monty Python's Life of Brian, 1979

The movie was based on the Christian stories. This movie made fun of Christianity and that was the reason it was banned.

10. Cannibal Holocausto, 1980

It is quite obvious why this film was banned as it contains cannibal scenes and sexual violence as well as animal cruelty. It is still banned in some countries.

11. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, 1981

This 43-minute documentary about the life of The Carpenters, singer Karen Carpenter and her struggle with anorexia. It was objected by Richard Carpenter to the insinuations it made about his sexual identity as well as the bad light it shed on his family. He argued that the director never obtained the proper music license and the film was banned.

12. The Last Temptation Of Christ, 1988

This film imagines what would happen if Jesus had not sacrificed himself and died on the cross. This story upset many people. And then action was taken against the film and it was banned.

13. Ernest and Bertram, 2001

This movie was directed by Peter Spears. It is the documentary spoof that was a massive hit at Sundance. The film was blocked due to legal action was taken against the director for copyright infringement.

14. The Profit, 2001

This is a parody about a paranoid cult leader who basically cons his disciples with ridiculous tricks and lessons. The Church of Scientology got an injunction against the film because of its similarities to Hubbard and the film was blocked.

15. Hillary, 2008

This movie is a political documentary about United States Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Citizens United produced this film. It was blocked by the federal government because of the court case between Citizens United and Federal Election Commission.