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These Epic Tweets Sum Up What WINTERS Are Actually Like

WINTER is probably the best season of the year. As a girl, I have a lot of perks when it comes to surviving in this chilly season and yes, don't get me started on that because then there's no looking back. *WINK* After months and years of GOT warning us that 'Winter is Coming' the season is finally here, and what better way do we have than celebrating this via your reactions and opinions on it? Come, let's take a look at some of the most relatable and epic tweets which have taken rounds on the internet during winter. I'm sure you are going to relate very well with these.

Because layering is important in WINTERS.

Oh, well, we did not mention which layer are we talking about.

Because socialising in winter is not an easy game.

And if you can do that we bow down to you, my lord!

Because that's when you realise the importance of degrees.

They be falling like leaves in the autumn! 

That's what I love about winters.

What is that one thing which you love about winters? 

Taking that stubborn ass out in the cold is NOT POSSIBLE!

Yeah, that's me when people ask me about my assorted vacation plans.

Because that's what most people do.

'NOTHING AT ALL' and then they crib about it at the last minute. 

Because we just refuse to move.

And this is the outcome of not moving. 

Because nights are longer and we get more time to sleep.

This is also one of the reasons why I love winters. 

After all, winters are much more than just chilling!

Winters are the best time of the month and this image proves the same.

Because these guys suffer a lot!

And answering the doorbell in winters is a serious thing. This should be addressed. 

As I mentioned earlier layers are important. 

A pile of sweaters with a red nose, red cheeks, and small head popping out of a monkey cap! Perfect? Ain't it? 

Because we are masters at it!

And I know most people will disagree and complain about this because we're all humans. 

My year is all about HOODIES. 

If you are also someone who is obsessed with hoodies: virtual hi-five, buddy! 

Because this one is the best one!

And you obviously gotta check the temperature :P 

Is there any world without WOMEN? 

No, not as per my knowledge. 

Delhi weddings be like...

Can't disagree enough. 

I am able to relate so well.

The worst part is when you don't have an option.  

Did you get this one? 

I am still laughing! 

Finally, winter is HERE!

Because one GOT meme was a must and Jon Snow is the icing on the cake. 

That's the best possible exaggeration of the situation.  

Isn't it? 

We all can relate to this one.

Can you? That's all. people.If you have some more to add to our list, drop them in the comment section and let's just celebrate WINTERS.