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Top Black Friday 2017 Deals That Are A Bliss For Every Gamer

The adrenaline rush, the excitement of a win, and all that comes in the process; sounds familiar? All part of the game you're playing. We all experience a plethora of feelings when we indulge ourselves in sports or as the next generation prefers to do - gaming. PlayStation fans, give me a cheer!There comes a problem when we talk about purchasing any and all the games we want to spend our entire nights playing; let alone the PlayStation console. They come with a hefty price tag and with emerging technological advancements, VR is also into play. SOLUTION - There comes a time every year when PlayStation fans can take as many consoles, games, and whatnot of the gaming world. Black Friday Sale, it is. Yes, my friends, the sale starts today and will end on November 27. And, it's not just an online sale, you can also walk into a Sony Store, Croma, Reliance Digital, to avail the offers other than the online store links provided further in the end.Why wait then, scroll over and find all the luxury goods you can buy at discounted prices.

Gran Turismo Sport

Imagine you're playing this game and having a rich experience of sitting in the cockpit. Needs VR, right? The Black Friday sale has got that covered for you because you get discounted prices for VR too.The PlayStation VR, along with its camera and VR Worlds (game) is available at a discounted price of ₹32,990.If you decide on buying it, then you will be able to play Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation VR then.There's more to it, wait.You'll get to know about VR discounts ahead as you read further, but you need to know the following now! If you make up your mind about purchasing Gran Turismo Sport along with the VR, the experience will be mind-blowing. It's almost like you're sitting in the cockpit of the racing car and have a world class experience when the adrenaline rushes in. On every twist and turn on the road, VR will help you gain a gaming pleasure like never before.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Don't know how much of your world is full of machines (except the PS4 in it), but when we talk about Horizon Zero Dawn, you can witness a Lush Post-Apocalyptic World dominated by machines. And, while you're at it, you get to become a part of the best history class ever, telling you what was the life before civilizations in the most vivid colors. And, there's more to it, a discount of almost 50% on this game is there for you to buy this Black Friday sale.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4)

An unbelievable discount percentage, don't know whether Nadine Ross (from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End) will be able to help Chloe Frazer but I can help you by telling about this deal. I know you can't resist from helping Chloe and Nadine in saving their region (India's Western Ghats mountain range) from falling into chaos by the opposition.Not to forget about massive discounts on PS along with VR. Let's proceed then, shall we?


There's a first to many this Black Friday sale because now you will also be able to purchase a PS4 (1 TB) withgames at Rs 29,990. So, we've got the VR set along with a brand new PS4 at the most discounted price we ever can. You ought to buy games which come as a part of this massively discounted sale.

PlayStation Plus subscription

Worried about your friend(s) being out of town and you're not able to play that multiplayer you've wanted to? The Black Friday sale doesn't just bring discount on games but subscriptions too. Now, you can subscribe to PlayStation Plus subscription at a minimal annual price of Rs.3375. P.S. The quoted price is after discount.

The Black Friday Sale

It's time to make your wish list for the coming year because, after November 27 you won't get the kind of discounts you just read about. Apart from the games mentioned above, there are other games which are available at discounted prices as part of the three-day sale. What are you waiting for then? Go shopping, play later.Take your pick: Amazon, Flipkart, or PlayStation StoreAnd then, tell me all about your shopping experience at kanishka@wittyfeed.com.