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100-Crore Club Movies Vs. 'Good' Movies: Which Wins The Bigger Picture?

If you are an oldie, you would remember the time when people use to take movie tickets in BLACK from the goons near the theatres. Bigger the movie, higher the cost and surprisingly no one complained about it because of the single screen era. Every penny spent on the tickets was worth it.Cut to 2017, gone are the days of single screen theatres. We now live in the age of multiplexes, seven screens in a single theatre. And guess what, there is no black ticketing here.You know why? Because the cost of the tickets is freaking steep. I recently saw Golmaal 4, and that is when I decided I should write something about this issue. 

People selling tickets were better film critics.

They knew exactly which movie is going to work and which is not. They priced the tickets accordingly.Now, the way we measure the success of the film is so simple. If it is a part of the so-called “100 crore Club” we call it a successful film. Country's population has gone up; living standards have gone up, expectations have gone up. But seems like as a viewer, our sense and sensibilities have gone worse.

Here is a list of top films that crossed 100 crore mark.

Now I have not sorted the above table on the basis of the collection. I have not sorted them at all…It is just not worth our time.But, you gotta answer this: HOW MANY OF THESE MOVIES CAN WE ACTUALLY CALL WORTHY OF IT?In my view (purely mine) – NONE!Now look at this table: 

Take your time... Let that sink in! 

Did you understand the point I am trying to make?If given a choice to, which one would you watch right now? Jab Harry Met Sejal OR Hindi Medium?

Tubelight OR Newton?

Golmaal 4 or Naam Shabana?As an audience, we have completely lost our sense of good movies.

What does JHMS have that Newton doesn't?

If our official entry to the Oscars (Newton) makes a collection which is 15% of the collection of the biggest flop of the year (JHMS), there is something terribly wrong with us.Take Parched, what a masterpiece! Every scene is a pleasure to watch. Radhika, Suvreen, and Tannishtha make it a feat to watch. And how much does it earn? 

On the other hand, Judwaa 2 earns 200+ crores.

I have nothing against Varun Dhawan as an actor. He has proved his acting skills in Badlapur and I'm not at all doubting his skills. But did a movie like Judwaa 2 really deserve a 200+ crores collection?

I know Bhai's fans are going to be after my life when they read this...

Just like the Karni Sena is after Bhansali and Deepika. But the fact remains that however and how much ever we run away from and avoid the facts, we are promoting bad cinema.

We get sentimental when it comes to films.

Bhai's fans go to watch his films just to ensure it earns more than SRK's and same goes for SRK fans.Tubelight was for me the worst movie Salman Khan has ever done.

It's time we start appreciating good cinema.

There is a crop of directors that want to think beyond the set norms of the industry and nepotism to ensure good cinema is delivered.Anurag Kashyap and gang started to have their production house as the established ones did not allow them to make movies they believed in. And look what they have achieved… Queen, Ugly, NH10, Hunterrr, Masaan, Udta Punjab, Trapped, and many more...Let's make the deserving ones earn. Time to wake up and smell the green tea!This article was originally written by Suhel Khan and the views expressed in the story is totally author's and no one else's.