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12 Common Reasons For Divorce

Divorce, dissolution of a marriage, has many aspects attached to it. Where it takes a lot to make a marriage work and to add peace and strength to your life, at the same time, one wrong decision makes any marriage difficult to live. India has been one of the countries with the lowest divorce rates in the world. But the scenario is rapidly changing. During the last few years, the statistics have seen a multifold increase in the figure.While you should really try your level best to do justice to the commitments you make, it is purely sensible to change the direction and move ahead if it's reasonable. All you need is to study the reasons behind. 

1. Infidelity

Trust and fidelity are the building blocks of wedlock. Cheating, by either of the two, poses a threat to the relationship.

2. Communication gap

Lack of communication or a frequency mismatch also acts as a loose end in a marriage. Especially, if both the partners are career oriented and have different goals in their respective lives, the chances of separation are high.

3. Financial independence of women

A female is programmed to earn not only to be independent but also to live life on her own terms. This mindset has been overridden by the essential cause of independence and taken over by high headedness.

4. Commitment

Marriages are not just meant to change your title. When you progress with your relationship status, you are expected to take a pledge of sharing responsibilities of your partner across all the existing parameters.

5. Forced marriages

Marriages without consent, under any kind of pressure, fail to flourish unless the two are lucky enough.

6. Sluggish sex life

Sex plays a crucial role in a marriage. Lack of physical pleasure hampers the intimacy quotient leading to dissatisfaction in a relationship.

7. Expectations

Marriages quite often witness the expectation vs reality mismatch. Sometimes, the visualized image doesn't match the actual one leading to stress, unhappiness, and eventually dejection. 

8. Saas-bahu conflicts

In India, a wedlock is not just among a boy and girl; the association involves two families. Mutual relationship of the girl with her in-laws, especially the mother-in-law plays a vital role in the embellishment of a marriage.

9. Interference of a girl's family

An issue transforms into a problem soon after being passed from two people involved. In the Indian scenario, many times a mother's negative influence on the daughter has witnessed a ruined marriage.

10. Abandonment

Legally, abandonment of either of the spouses for more than a specified duration provides ground for divorce.

11. Differences 

Differences may occur in a love marriage as well as an arranged marriage. The basis for differences may be religion, culture, lifestyle apart from personal opinion. Sometimes, adjusting to all or some at the same time becomes a struggle.

12. Lack of faith in the institution of marriage

Love is in the air, and the air is turbulent. The generation today has developed the art of taking things easy. Marriage is no more seen as a permanent thing. Sad but true, today the essence of marriage is lost. We are building an era of makeovers and turning a blind eye towards the positives of restoration.(The images used in the story are for depiction purpose only)