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Ever Wondered Why Every State Has A Different Police Uniform? 

If you have ever been to Kolkata, you must have witnessed a huge difference between the police uniform of Kolkata force in comparison to other police officials. Though the standard police uniform colour in India is Khaki, Kolkata police stand extraordinarily with its white uniform.Well, did you know that in India, police uniforms vary widely based on numerous grades, regions, and the duty that they are assigned with? A majority of these variations can be seen among the metropolitan areas.So, how about we take a glance at different police uniforms across the country and discuss why they are really different. 

Why is the colour of the Indian police uniform khaki? 

According to a report by The Times Of India, it was the mid-1800s when the British soldiers in India started to dye their white uniform with a dusty colour. It was then the dye created the colour khak, an Indian word for earth, dust, and ashes.

Who brought in the first official khaki uniform?

As mentioned in Wikipedia, it was Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden, a British military officer active in India, along with his subaltern William Hodson, introduced the use of an unusual fresh mud coloured dress called khaki in 1848. They were also called as 'the only properly dressed light troops in India'.

The concept behind the white uniform of Kolkata police.

Kolkata police force is one of the majorly known police force in the country that wears a white uniform. You must be wondering why is this so? Well, the police force of West Bengal is divided into three parts, and it is easy to differentiate the three by their colour of uniforms. 

Their task is also a reason behind their different colored uniform.

The police force of Kolkata and West Bengal are two different identities. Kolkata police is given a specific task of policing the metropolitan area of the Kolkata city. This is also a reason behind their different coloured uniform. This was all about Kolkata police uniform. Now, let's have a look at the story of Karnataka police uniform.

You will be amazed to see the old uniform of Karnataka police.

With time the dress code of Karnataka police officer transformed a lot like the shorts were replaced by the trousers and Kurta of head constables and police constables were substituted by full arm shirts.

The concept behind the slouch hat of Karnataka police.

According to Wikipedia, Karnataka police uses the slouch hat for its lower ranks members of the police like Constables and Head Constables. Actually wearing slouch hats is a legacy from Australian Army which was worn to ensure that the hat doesn't fall while doing various exercises. The red hat of Puducherry police has an amazing story. Let's know what it is.

Have you seen the red hat of Puducherry police? 

If you have ever been to Puducherry, you must have observed the police force wearing the red hat.

It is their possession from French Government.

As mentioned by Wikipedia, Puducherry Police date backs to the period when it was French colonial rule in 1954. And the French kepi (a flat circular top and a peak) is the possession by French colonial to the Puducherry police that they follow as a unique feature of their uniform.

Soon the British-era khaki is about to end.

According to The Times Of India report, soon the British-era khaki is about to end as Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design (NID) in collaboration with the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) has designed an all-weather smart uniform which will be regulated transversely in all states, Union Territories, and Central paramilitary forces.

While speaking to TOI, director general BPR&D, who helped in creating the new uniform, Meera Borwankar said...

"There was a lot of criticism of the khaki, and how its colour, fabric, and pattern should be changed. The uniform worn by the police till now wasn't made for different climates, altitudes. NID and BPR&D spent a lot of time to find an alternative and an intensive report has been prepared."I guess now you know why the uniform pattern changes according to the states.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com