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This Is How You Can Enter The World Of A 'Brahmachari'

'Brahman' stands for 'the divine' or 'ultimate' and 'charya' stands for 'the path'. In simple words, a person is Brahmachari if he has chosen the path of the divine. If you accept the holy path of a spiritual world, you have to apprehend that Brahmacharis leave all the luxuries and comforts of this world. They are not allowed to carry their diary of agendas, and there exist no personal ways of deciding things in their lives. Being a Brahmachari is indeed a difficult task, but if you accept this willingly, it will serve you the purpose of life and fill your heart with immense happiness.It is a journey full of excitement, let us discuss how you can enter the world of a Brahmachari:

Leave All Those Leisure Comforts

There is a myth in this world that the life of a Brahmachari is full of sorrows and pain as he is making a lot of sacrifices. This is not true. If you choose to become a Brahmachari, you will get the full pleasures of your inner self. You have to leave your extravagant car and house in the process of becoming a Brahmachari. You have to sacrifice all the comforts of your life from branded clothes to strong relationships. 

Daily Meditation Is On The List

Meditation is considered as a good practice as it helps a person in the process of achieving peace. The daily routine of meditation and regular 'Japs' are the foundation stones of a Brahmachari. It is contemplated that these practices activate some forces in a human body which convert sexual energies to spiritual ones. So you have to do meditation every day with full concentration. 

Be A Part Of 'Satsanga' 

'Satsanga' is the community of holy people who indulge themselves in the process of getting a different meaning of life. It is considered that 'like attracts like', so if you spend your time with like-minded people, you will get to know the secrets of spiritual studies. 

Listen To Spiritual Music Every Day

It is said that 'what you listen affects your personality in a major way'. You have to follow the norms and should listen to spiritual music. This spiritual music should be calm and harmonious, not the tough sounds of banging of instruments. 

Say No To 'Asatsanga'

'Asatsanga' is the company of unholy people who have no relation to God and his powers. You are not allowed to hang out with these people as they are far away from the spiritual world.

No Relation With Opposite Sex Members

A Brahmachari is also celibate, that means you are not allowed to have sex. You are not even allowed to get the feelings and fantasies of this pleasure, that's why you have to maintain a distance with the members of the opposite sex association. 

Run Away If A Lady Calls You Her Son

No relationship with the members of the opposite sex means not to even have a relationship with a lady who calls you her son. You're seriously not allowed to talk to any person of the opposite sex as it has been realized that people can change your decision of being a Brahmachari.  

The Rules Are Same If You Are A Homosexual

You have to create a line between the relationships if you're a homosexual. According to the spiritual studies, the relationship between the people of the same sex is a disaster to the world. Maintain a wide distance from both of the sexes in case homosexuality rules your senses. 

Focus On Your Diet

A good diet is one of the major factors of being a Brahmachari. You are not supposed to intake any animal protein food, which also includes dairy products. You're basically not allowed to hurt or kill any living being just to remove your hunger.  

Reading Is Necessary For Mind

Just like food is important to the body, reading is also important for the mind. A spiritual soul can never tolerate a mind who doesn't read good stuff. One can decipher the word 'good stuff', which means spiritual books, holy manuscripts, Shastras and Vedas. So add reading to your schedule and enjoy the bliss of being a Brahmachari. 

Secret Behind Controlling Senses

It seems like a normal thing, but it is one of the most challenging parts of being a Brahmachari. You should know how to control your sense, the absence of this quality can lead to eliminating your name from the list of Brahmacharis. To know the secret behind this trick, you have to put yourself in different situations and test the abilities of your senses.

Dedicate Yourself For Other's Wellbeing

We all eat apples, but how many of us have planted apples and made them grow? There is always a farmer outside, who works selflessly so that a normal person can enjoy the sweetness of this fruit.You're that farmer, you have to add infinite stars to the humanity with your endless work and dedication.

You Have To Pass On The 'Gyaan'

You have to pass the goodness of gyaan or experiences you received. It is not allowed to keep all the learnings and goodwills to yourself. You have to choose good words and polite voice to emit that positive energy which resides in your inner soul. 

You Have To Motivate Others

You have to motivate others to be a part of your journey. You won't do this because of your happiness, you will help someone to gather the courage for a new life.