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This Girl With Superpowers Can Scan Bodies, Read And See Through The Third Eye While Blindfolded

Contrary to the popular belief that anyone and everyone who claims to be a seer (one with a supernatural insight) is just fooling around, WittyFeed has got its hands on something that's miraculous and worth believing.There exists this intellect lil' girl with superpowers who calls herself as Ma Yogamaatha and after knowing her closely, we could only nod our 'astonished head' in agreement on the name given to her. She can perform magical arts using her 'third eye' which she says can be used by every human being on the face of the earth. She can literally body scan anyone and tell about the residing diseases that even the person has no idea of.As if her superpowers are not enough, she also is one great speaker at her age who has all the capability to awe-inspire you and make you crave for the fortunate day when you can finally meet her.The other girls who appear in the video with Yogamaatha have the same superpowers! All are residential students of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's gurukul school near Bengaluru, India. Through his initiation and training, they tell us, anyone can master these incredible but true superhuman abilities.

The video as a proof of her extraterrestrial powers:

Her 'third eye' video already has 8.5 million+ views and we don't doubt any of it. This girl here is nothing that you can ignore and we'd like you to share her story with everyone you possibly can.Enlighten all, thanks!