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He Looks Exactly Like Virat Kohli And Is Soon Going To Enter Bollywood

"The creation of God is on a different level, and it plays some tricks when he creates 'Doppelgängers'".As it is so difficult to mark your name on the pages of history books, some people still take courage to cross the lake of sorrows and struggles. They embed their names on the hard plate and emerge out like a shining star. But what about their doppelgängers? How life changes its path for them? What are some good or bad parts?We recently had a word with Amit Mishra, the doppelgänger of our all-time favourite Virat Kohli. We had a great time discussing his experiences as a doppelgänger of Virat Kohli. Here are some of the best parts of the interview: 

While talking about education and background.

Amit's birthplace is Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and he completed his mechanical engineering from GLA University Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. He was also passionate about anchoring, so he was an anchor and Head of Campus Affairs during his college days. He was the officer at the office of Transport Cooperation of India. He never thought of becoming an actor, but as people say, 'you never know what happens next'. 

Amit's father, Mr. Ram Chandra, is an active member and state level leader of BJP. 

He is the General Secretary of BJP in UP. His family follows the simple ethics of life; they never imagined their son to reach this level. 

And the twist of the fate still awaits...

It was a sunny morning when Amit was traveling back to his college. He boarded a flight where he met Ikram Akhtar, an Indian film writer, director, and founder of IAF (Ikram Akhtar Films). He has worked as a film writer for major blockbusters Ready, Thank You, No Problem, Nayee Padosan, etc. The conversation started with the obvious topic of Virat Kohli looks, but it took a turn when Amit mentioned his intentions and future goals. He said in the interview, "I told him about my everyday challenges that how the tag Virat Kohli has been stuck with my name and how it bothers me."This was the time when Ikram Akhtar decided to write and direct a film of this concept. But what about the actor of the film? The person was sitting next to him. Yes, Amit Mishra. 

But the struggle was still not over...

Amit was in his final years at that time, so the big question was, 'how to train him for acting'? But as they say, "Where there is a will, there is a way."Ikram Akhtar is one of the most professional people in the industry, and he enjoys these challenges. He managed a team in Mathura, who stayed there and trained Amit for his future endeavors. From acting to dance classes, Amit attended every session of training while pursuing his degree.

He is currently busy with the shooting of 'Nayee Padosan Again'.

It is the sequel of 'Nayee Padosan' which was released in 2003. The film is under the banner of YMP and house UPFDTA. This film is full of comedy and has a brilliant team of Rajpal Yadav, Yash Mehta, and Akhilendra Mishra. He is also working for the movie 'Virat' which will show his real-life struggles and journey of becoming a hero. 

Talking about his future deals...

He said, "I have contracts from famous banners, they have signed me for advertisements and movies." But he has also signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with them, so no more words. 

One thing that Amit learned from Virat.

Commitment is the thing which he learned from Virat. Amit told us his favourite line, "Today you're 90, practice more to become 90.1, don't ever go for 89.9."He further added, "You have to work hard without losing your confidence, you will definitely achieve something in your life."

When asked, does Virat-look ever become a problem, he shared...

Yes, he too gets into awkward situations. It was the incident of Bangalore when he went with his team for promotions. While they had a walk in the hotel at night, a group of people grabbed Amit because of his Virat Kohli looks. The team had to call 10 bodyguards to rescue him from the crowd. 

How social media haunts Amit?

He doesn't handle his social media accounts, a team looks out for all posts and updates. Although, he himself sometimes operates Facebook and Instagram. In the interview, he said, "I used to live a normal life on these social networking sites, but people started to disturb me with floods of messages and endless requests."

The only thing that Amit wants to prove is...

He wants to prove that God has gifted him some talents, which are far much different from the specialties of Virat Kohli. He further explained it by saying, "He is the master of his field and I am the expert in my work, the comparison is not good."

Perfect shot with Star Sports!

He has finished shooting with Star Sports for one video in which Virat Kohli is supporting Indian Cricket Team to be on the top in all three formats. The initial part has been shot by original Virat Kohli, the ground part was done by Amit Mishra.One of the most special things about this shot is, he did the shooting with the cricket kit of Virat Kohli.

His commitment level is too impressive!

As you all know, Virat is very much inclined towards his own health and fitness, Amit also follows the same passion. He spends around 2-3 hours in the gym every day, he has his personal dietician and fitness experts who make plans for his healthy day. 

Amit while sharing drawbacks of being 'Virat Kohli'.

He gets to listen "OMG! You're so lucky, see you don't have to do anything, and you're a superstar." This is one of the major drawbacks of being the doppelgänger of Virat Kohli. He said, "People should know that I have struggles and challenges of my own part, and I bravely fight with them, why always to add Virat Kohli in my every achievement?"

While talking about the good side of sharing the alike face...

Amit shared that he doesn't have to wait in check-in lines at airports. He also feels good when people get excited after seeing him. He said, "I always see a happy face, that's the best part of being a lookalike of Virat Kohli."

What motivates him the most?

The list of people who motivates him includes the name of our Virat Kohli. He likes to see the love for Virat in the eyes of people, that is the best achievement a person can get in his/her life. He admires Virat for his hard-work and dedication.

"Still Need A Lot Of Fame, And World's Gonna Know Your Name."

All the best, Amit!