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Want To Gift Something To A Loved One? Here's What You Can Do

Hello WittyFeedians, Thinking of gifting something to a loved one? Having a creative block or less time to execute things? I know, DIYing things can be awesome, but it gets hectic on many levels. It is time-consuming and requires dedication. Creating cute stuff is not my thing, but when I scroll through my Instagram feed, I come across various cute things that I want to get hold of. On an average Sunday morning, I came across this page on Instagram and felt like sharing her work with you all. Come, let's see how it works! 

XoXo Gift Girl 

This platform by a young girl is an initiative to make people understand the art of gifting. 

What all things can be asked for 

All sorts of ideas and gifts ranging from occasions like Birthdays to Christmas are available on her platform. 

She has a Google form 

Which enables her to understand the need of her customers and give the quality results. 

Surprising fact... 

It is surprising to note that she does all of it for just 200 bucks! 

Here are some of the creative things that she made 

For that one special friend. 

More than the gift, the quote took my heart away 

As a hopeless romantic, I appreciate such cute things, and that is what drove me towards her page. 

It can't be more cute

For that one perfect piece! 

Here's a cute video to end this on a happy note! 

Here's the Instagram profile link: xoxo.giftgirl