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20-Year-Old Boy Joined Lashkar But Returns Home After Watching Mother's Tearful Video

A 20-year-old from Anantnag in South Kashmir, named Majid Khan got famous on social media for his photograph in which he was posing with an assault AK-47 rifle. It is alleged that Majid had joined terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba a week ago, but now he has surrendered. It is believed that it was his mother's tearful appeal that brought him back. Let's check out the story and know what's the entire matter.

Majid has always been into football.

Majid Khan was indulged in football since he was in school. There is a shelf in his house that showcases multiple trophies, among which one award is from a tournament organized by the police. But one day his close friend was killed in an encounter, and that is when he decided to join the terror group. In the meantime, Majid's mother wept in the video appealing her son to come back. 

"I am waiting for him. I want him to return... I want him to play football again..."

According to NDTV, his mother Ashiya Begum's tearful request video had gone viral on social media. Not just his mother, but thousands of people urged the 20-year-old to quit militancy and return back home.

According to The Hindu...

One night he suddenly walked into a security camp and surrendered himself. Majid's surrender came just a day after three of the militants were arrested in Kulgam’s Qazigund area.

Major General of Srinagar BS Raju said that no charge will be pressed against him.

IGP Munir Khan was asked to confirm whether Majid was part of the terror group.

"You seriously expected Lashkar to say he was in their group? What are you saying, they kill people and they don't own up how will they acknowledge this?", asked Munir Khan. 

Major General BS Raju appreciated Majid for his brave step.

"It was a very brave decision by Majid Khan, I compliment him and assure that he will be able to get back to normal life very soon," says Major General BS Raju in an interview.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also shared her feelings on Twitter.

A video from the press conference!

The Indian Army appreciated Majid Khan for his 'brave' decision to quit the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). "Those youths who have strayed and have committed no crime are welcome to come back, and no action will be taken against them. I also appeal to those who might have committed some crime to return within the parameters of the law," said General Raju.