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These WhatsApp Chats Are An 'Open Book' Of A Bachelor Life

Bachelor!Think about a man whose mornings begin with cigarettes and end with daaru. Though he has 50 bucks in his pocket, he would take his 'lady friend' out for lunch. He will always ask you to drop him someplace. He will request for clothes, but mostly for fixing up a date. Well, even that girl won't last long because he falls in love every day. He is stubborn. No matter how much you mock him, he won't get up and do the chores. He lives in a mess, but yes, if his parents are supposed to visit, he will invite all his buddies and get them to work.GOSH! Even after such a long definition, there is so much I missed. But no worries as these WhatsApp conversations will surely tell you so much about a bachelor's life that will make you go ROFL!

#1 The pain of being single.

Only bachelors can understand the pain of not getting entry into a pub just because of being a stag.

#2 Asking something from friends can be a sin.

According to bachelors, if your best friend is giving you something on your first request, he isn't your best friend.

#3 A bachelor's life is undoubtedly lustful.

A bachelors life is full of lustfulness. And here is a true example of it. 

#4 The biggest struggle.

Making a girl fall in love is the biggest task of a bachelor. 

#5 Every bachelor needs a bribe.

If you have a bachelor friend, you know what his biggest bribe is, a BEER! 

#6 TIP: Never ask a bachelor for help!

If you ever ask a bachelor for help, he would get you something that could easily destroy your relationship.

#7 This is epic!

A bachelor buddy will always poke into your committed relationship. What he can do is in front of you. 

#8 "Jo tera hai vo mera hai!"

Never lend anything to your best friend. You never know if you would ever get it back. 

#9 They will get you in trouble!

Moral of the story is, if your bachelor friend has given you something, you must check it. 

#10 They are always free.

A bachelor will always be free, take a student or a working guy. 

#11 They fall in love everyday!

Every single girl they see is the girl of their dreams. 

#12 They always party hard!

It is difficult for bachelors to find a house for rent. Well, their parties are the biggest reason behind it. 

#13 Sometimes they even cry!

Get ready for those drunk calls when your bachelor buddy will call you and say, "Bhai hai tu mera!"

#14 Even their dad knows everything.

Since dads have also gone through the same scenario, they understand it all. 

#15 They never quit!

Bachelors never quit on girls. No matter how many times they get insulted, they just don't give up.This is what a bachelor's life is all about. I hope you liked the story. If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com