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Lesser-Known Facts About Ahalya: Wife Of Gautama Maharishi 

Ever since I was a child, I have been a big fan of history and mythological tales. It gives me an idea as to how things were perceived ages ago. It is fascinating to note that the things that are still considered a myth or a taboo today were completely normal ages ago and vice versa.  Today, I am going to take you through the story of Ahalya, a beautiful woman who was created by Lord Brahma. She married a much older Gautama Maharishi but is known more for infidelity with her husband. Read further and you will come across this unconventional part of Ahalya as well as Lord Indra's life, which of course our textbooks or mythological shows on different channels never taught us. 

Lord Brahma created Ahalya.

Ahalya was created with high virtues. Lord Brahma created her out of curiosity. He was also looking for someone who can look after her. So, he chose Maharishi Gautama who had a lot of intelligence and knowledge. He further asked Maharishi to bring Ahalya back once she grows up. 

When Ahalya grew up...

When Ahalya grew up, Maharishi took her back to Lord Brahma, and that is when it was decided that she should be married to a saint or sage. 

Ahalya's marriage...

Brahma further announced that he would marry Ahalya to a man who will travel the world and come back first. And that is when Ahalya was made to marry Rishi Gautama who had helped a cow (symbol of seven islands) give birth to a baby. 

The marriage was successful.

All the Devtas and Rishis returned from the marriage with some sort of jealousy, but Lord Indra kept stalking Ahalya. 

Indra's attempt...

Indra made a sinful attempt at luring Ahalya by taking the avatar of her husband. Ahalya who was the consort of a yogi could sense that the man standing in front of her is not her husband. It was impressive for her to know that one of the biggest Gods found her charming and that is how she ended up committing a sin. 

From then, Indra was cursed with 1000 vaginas on his body. 

Ahalya was reduced to a stone, and Lord Indra was cursed with 1000 vaginas on his body to show the shameful act that he did. With this, Lord Indra lived in seclusion and dark. His duties as a Lord were put on hold and that is when Lord Brahma was urged to solve the problem. 

The vaginas turned into eyes.

Brahma prescribed various ways to Lord Indra to deal with this, and later the marks on his body were changed to eyes. That is why Lord Indra is known as the thousand-eyed lord. 

Ahalya's state...

Meanwhile, she spent her life in isolation and survived only on air. Years later, when Rama, Lakshmana, and Vishwamitra had visited the place she came into her original form by the grace of Rama's feet. Source