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11 Times When Airlines Staff Misbehaved With The Passengers

An Airline is considered best just for its service. Right from boarding the flight to the departure, the way the flight attendants treat their passengers says the whole about their service. But if we talk about Indian flights, they are often in headlines for their controversial acts with the passengers. Recently, IndiGo Airlines came into the spotlight through a situation when its ground staff physically assaulted a 53-year-old traveler.Though the staff at airlines are hired to take care of the traveling passengers, sadly, there have been instances when the customers have faced the worst behavior from the airline staff and equally by their service. Here are some instances when people revealed how a flight experience turned into living nightmares for them.  

Ground staff of IndiGo Airlines physically assaulted a 53-year-old passenger.

In a shocking incident, the ground staff of IndiGo Airlines physically assaulted and manhandled a 53-year-old passenger at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport. The passenger identified as Rajeev Katyal arrived at the IGI Airport by flight 6E-487.After alighting from the flight, Katyal got into an argument with the ground staff over some issue and allegedly abused them.

The 81-second-long video shows Indigo staff misbehaving with the passenger.

According to the reports, Katyal said, "I was standing in the shade of a plane when a ground staff started shouting at me in a very rude manner. I asked him why don't you arrange the third bus for which we are waiting. Meanwhile, when the bus came two people said let's teach him a lesson and one of them pulled me out of the bus."

#2 P.V. Sindhu alleged that one of IndiGo airlines’ ground staff misbehaved with her.

In a tweet, Indian shuttler P.V. Sindhu named the airline employee, while alleging that the man spoke rudely with her. She also claimed the employee spoke rudely with a female cabin crew member who advised him to behave properly with her.“Sorry to say. I had a very bad experience when I was flying by 6E 608 flight to Bombay on November 4,” Sindhu tweeted.

#3 Jet Airways asked passengers to make space for a wealthy Gujarati family.

According to India Times, some 80 members of the family was to travel on the flight, but 17 of them were late for check-in which resulted in the cancellation of their bookings.The 'influential family' was a wealthy Gujarati family which then created ruckus onboard.The flight crew reportedly asked other passengers to give up their seats, but no one was willing.

The crew offered a compensation of Rs 10,000 for passengers.

Following this, the crew offered a compensation of Rs 10,000 for passengers volunteering to give up their seat and promised them to be accommodated on the next flight. Only five passengers came forward to accept the compensation, which resulted in the situation dragging on.

#4 Offloading a passenger due to overbooking had cost Air India Rs.50,000.

In this case, reported by The Hindu, the complainant, a Noida resident, was awarded a compensation of Rs.50,000, to be paid by Air India, for offloading citing overbooking besides litigation expenses of Rs.15,000.

#5 Fined for serving tea, biscuits instead of dinner in another case.

In another case according to The Hindu, Air India was asked to pay Rs.5,000 for serving tea and biscuits to a passenger in the name of dinner.Some of the western Airlines too misbehaved with their passengers and below is the list of the incidents occurred with them.

#6 Muslim family was kicked off United Airlines flight for 'how they looked'.

Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley, her husband, and three young children were about to take off on a flight bound for Washington at a Chicago airport when the pilot asked them to get off the aircraft.According to Independent, the family had inquired earlier whether the air stewardess could provide five-point harness safety seats for their children.

They say it was a 'flight safety issue'.

Two videos filmed by Shebley show the air stewardess and then the pilot asking the family to leave. She asked the pilot whether it was a 'discriminatory' decision. The pilot replied it was a 'flight safety issue' but was not given any details.

#7 American Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia barred from US-bound flight.

An Indian-American actor and designer have been barred from boarding an Aeromexico flight from Mexico City to New York because he refused to remove his turban. As reported by The Guardian, he reportedly asked for a private screening room in which to remove the turban, but staff refused.

#8 Southwest Airlines kicks Muslim off a plane for saying 'Inshallah'.

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a 26-year-old Berkeley graduate, was removed from the plane at Los Angeles International Airport. According to the reports by CNN, he was talking on the phone and before hanging up, he said the Islamic phrase in Arabic of 'Inshallah', meaning 'God willing'."One guy came with police officers within two minutes, I can't believe how fast they were, and told me to get off the plane," Makhzoomi said. 

#9 Two American-Muslim women were asked to leave an American Airlines plane.

Two American-Muslim women were asked to leave an American Airlines plane after one of them talked to another passenger about the lack of water and food and a male flight attendant said they had made him feel 'unsafe'.A male flight attendant said them, 'If you have a problem, you can get off the plane'.

#10  A Yemeni-American YouTube star from New York, Adam Saleh, boycott Delta Air Lines.

According to a news report, Yemeni-American YouTube star from New York, Adam Saleh, called for a boycott of Delta Air Lines after charging that he was removed from one of its flights for speaking Arabic. 

"We spoke a different language on the plane, and now we're getting kicked out." 

Said the 23-year-old prankster, who has more than 2.2 million YouTube followers, said in a video filmed as the incident unfolded, and posted on Twitter.

#11 United Airlines barred two women from boarding a plane because they were wearing leggings.

In a shocking case, United Airlines has been accused of sexism and policing women’s clothing after a gate agent barred two women from boarding a plane because they were wearing leggings.Another girl was asked to change before she could board the flight from Denver to Minneapolis, according to witnesses.

"There is a dress code for pass travelers as they are representing UA when they fly."

As reported by India Times United responded by saying, "We appreciate you being our eyes and ears. The customers this morning were United pass travelers."That's all, folks.