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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The MMS Of Shilpa Shinde aka Ex-Angoori Bhabhi

One of the most talked about characters of Bigg Boss Season 11 is Shilpa Shinde. And it is not just Bigg Boss, but Shilpa has been caught up in the controversies for a really long time now. Popularly known as Angoori Bhabhi aka Shilpa Shinde made it to the headlines when she was allegedly forced to leave the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! after her split with the makers of the show. Currently, apart from all the controversies, the latest one is an MMS video that highlights her. A picture of Shilpa Shinde's alleged MMS has gone hell viral on the social media platforms which by all means is bothering her reputation. But do you think this MMS is real? Here is everything you need to know about this MMS of Shilpa Shinde. 

Gehana Vasisth claimed that Shilpa and Vikas Gupta were in a secret relationship.

Actress Gehana Vasisth, according to India Today, claimed that Shilpa and co-contestant Vikas Gupta were in a secret relationship during her stint in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! Gehana said that they were very close to each other once upon a time and even shared a physical or sexual relationship, but Vikas chose to love his job more than Shilpa and was responsible for her ouster. 

Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde

Romit Raj, a television actor, first met Shilpa Shinde on the sets of Maayka. The couple soon decided to take their relationship to the next level, got engaged and announced their Goa wedding. However, according to the reports, when all the preparations were done, clothes and jewellery were ready and wedding cards were printed; Romit suddenly called off the wedding. 

Now an obscene MMS has started to take rounds on social media claiming the women to be Shilpa.

As per the rumors, an obscene MMS of a man and a woman had started taking rounds on social media, and many are claiming the woman is Shilpa Shinde. 

In the MMS, a girl like Shilpa is lying in bed.

A girl who looks like Shilpa without makeup can be seen lying in bed with some man, and Shilpa has made her comment stating that she is a Hindi pornstar who looks like her without make-up.

However, Shilpa's close friends claim that it is fake.

"In today's day and age, there are many ways to tamper with a person's image. It is completely fabricated or maybe a look alike's photo. Nowadays, everything can be photoshopped and morphed," says the actor's friend according to The Times Of India report. 

Slandering each other is the new trend of Bigg Boss.

It is believed that unlike all the seasons, along with supporting their favorite contestant this year the contestants are more into slandering each other and this fake image may be a result of it. 

As a Shilpa Shinde follower, it is easy to say that...

Since Shilpa is recognized by mostly everyone after her role as Angoori Bhabhi. It isn't wrong to say that she gathered a lot of fan patrons after the show. A majority of her followers believe that the MMS is fake.

It is just a girl who slightly resembles Shilpa without makeup. 

It is a humble request to all those who are bothered by the reputation of such celebrities that please stop such acts to tarnish the image of these stars. That's all, folks. Share your views with us in the comment section.