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Puneesh And Bandagi's Cosy Pictures Can Annoy Their Partners Outside Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss is undoubtedly the most controversial reality show on Indian Television. But this reality show which usually encounters verbal brawls, fights, tears, and controversies, sometimes get to see some lovey-dovey moments as well. Thanks to the cupid's arrow which somehow strikes some contestants inside Bigg Boss House every year. And this year it has struck Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra who entered the house as strangers but soon fell for each other.Audience surely knows that something is brewing between the two but the pictures attached below are a proof of Puneesh and Bandagi's love affair.PS: These pictures of this duo are so very 'COSY' that they can easily annoy their 'Partners' outside Bigg Boss House.

We always find them glued to each other on the show.

Bigg Boss has given us many love couple who fall for each other immediately after entering the house. 

They seem to be inseparable on the show.

They have been quite close to each other from the very first week of this ongoing installment of Bigg Boss.

He makes her smile!

And with every passing episode, Puneesh and Bandagi have grown closer and closer.

Their 'too much' of PDA!

They don't even shy away from getting into some intense PDA in front of the camera.

Their 'love' has been making it to the headlines.

Seems like they don't even care about their respective families whom they will have to face after evicting from Bigg Boss, and we are sure about this coz we have got the proof.

They went a step ahead!

Even the other contestants in the Bigg Boss house aren't much comfortable with their day in day out PDA and have become the gossip mongers about whatever is going on between Puneesh and Bandagi. 

The moment when they actually slipped inside the sheet.

Puneesh and Bandagi crossed every limit when they shared a passionate smooch in front of the camera. Don't you believe us on this? Watch it on your own coz we have attached a video of the kissing moment between the two.

You can watch here Puneesh & Bandagi sharing an intimate moment!

Puneesh and Bandagi who are allegedly in a relationship with two different people outside the house are crossing every limit for their so-called love affair going on in the show. Do you think this will result in a breakup with their 'partners' outside Bigg Boss House? Post your comments in the section below or send in your thoughts here: gauri@wittyfeed.com