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Delhi Is Covered In Thick Smog And Twitterati Are In No Mood Of Clearing It Soon

Delhi woke up covered in white fog on Tuesday morning. Pollution levels in the national capital are severe for the second time since Diwali. You will be shocked to know that the normal Air Quality Index (AQI) is often between 0-50 while in Delhi it is 411 at 9 am in the morning. According to the reports, IMA (Indian Medical Association) has reported the visibility to be way below 200 meters. Various flights have been affected, it is advised to stop outdoor activities and sports at schools as the medical body has issued a warning.This has prompted chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to describe the national capital as a 'gas chamber'. Here is how Delhi residents are reacting to the spike in pollution levels.

Visuals of smog from India Gate and Rajpath.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has blamed the rising pollution levels to crop burning in adjoining states.

The panic on Twitter can be clearly seen...

According to Hindustan Times, officials at the weather department said that the weather is expected to remain cloudy for the next two to three days and the temperature to fall further.We hope the situation in Delhi improves as soon as possible. Stay safe!