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10 Times Bigg Boss Contestants Performed Weird Tasks For Their Survival In The Show

Reality show Bigg Boss has over the years gained popularity for notorious participants, controversies, massive verbal and physical fights, fake love stories, challenging tasks and much more. While all the other things mentioned above remain constant, the only thing that changes every season is the tasks. These tasks not just keep the show running, but also give the housemates a chance to earn money for their luxury budget, prove their mettle & impress the audience in order to win votes and survive in the house.At times, these tasks get really tough and get into the inmates' skin. So today, we are here with a list of such 'weird tasks' performed by the contestants of Bigg Boss. You will experience a strong shock to know how these contestants crossed all the limits to remain in the show.


This was one of the weirdest tasks ever carried out in the Bigg Boss house. In the seventh season of Bigg Boss, two contestants were to be selected for this task where they had to soak themselves in a tub of full of cow dung for more than 2 hours. When nobody agreed on even standing near that tub, Ratan Rajput was the only contestant who nodded the head in agreement and eventually soaked herself in the cow dung for two long hours. She did a great job during the task but surely would have taken a bath multiple times to get rid of that cow dung smell. 

This was sad!

Many hearts cried when the very handsome Apurva Agnihotri had to go 80% bald in Bigg Boss house. For the sake of a task assigned by Bigg Boss, Apurva and his fellow inmate Sangram Singh shaved off their hair in a mohawk style.Apurva and Sangram were a part of the seventh instalment of Bigg Boss.

Tujhe mirchi lagi toh main kya karun!

Ouch! This must have been really painful. In Bigg Boss 8, the hijack task provided an opportunity to the inmates to torture their enemies in the BB house. Making the most of this opportunity Karishma Tanna applied chilli paste on Natasha Stankovic and Natasha had to bear the pain and irritation throughout the task.

This isn't it friends!

Karishma even made Natasha smell her footwear and even rubbed it all over her body and face. 

This was gross!

Have you ever seen anyone peeing in front of the camera? I saw it during the ninth installment of Bigg Boss. For grabbing immunity for 2 weeks, Bigg Boss then asked the contestants to stuff into 2 cars and stay inside for an indefinite period of time. While everyone gave in their efforts to win the task, Priya Mallik went a step ahead of everyone. She was so determined to win that she didn't even let her bladder hinder her way and peed while sitting inside the car with other contestants. This isn't it friends, coz Priya remain sitted inside the car with that liquid.I really feel sad for Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai, Prince and Rochelle Rao who were locked inside the car with Priya. 

He deserved to get kicked out of BB house.

This was disgusting! Self-acclaimed Swami Om was kicked out of the house after he openly peed in a bowl and threw it on Bani J. And this wasn't a part of any task but was done by Om Swami to torture Bani in Bigg Boss 10.

When a commoner peed in front of a camera.

In order to win the captaincy, the commoner contestant Priyanka Jagga peed in her pants during the task. Priyanka was a part of Bigg Boss 10.

History repeats itself!

And now again in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss, another commoner in the house crossed all the limits to secure his position in the show. And the contestant who peed in his pants is none other than Puneesh, who has been making it to the headlines for faking his affair with co-contestant Bandgi Kalra.But eventually, Puneesh went on to win the task and became the captain of BB house for this week.Which contestant do you think did the weirdest thing to win the task? Post your comments in the section below or send in your thoughts here: gauri@wittyfeed.com