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A 14-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Was Buried Alive By Her Boyfriend, People Protest!

Femicide- the act of killing women, just because they're women, has horrified Argentinians so much that they're demanding a complete end to gender violence. The protest is carried socially under the hashtag #NiUnaMenos meaning 'Not One Less'. The entire nation is shocked how the boyfriend of the victim Chiara Paez, a 14-year-old beautiful girl, buried her alive because she was pregnant. Humanity is struggling hard to be trusted these days.

Chiara with her mother. She was a family loving girl and was very close with her parents.

She was the defense player of her school's field hockey team.

She went missing on 10th of May at 1.30 pm. She was supposed to be in the school building then.

Local police used rescue dogs and began searching for her along with her neighbors. Her photos were also shared on social media sites for people to recognize and inform her parentsregarding her whereabouts.

After 3 days of extensive search, her body was found beaten under a patio in her boyfriend Manuel Mansilla's house. She was eight weeks pregnant then and was buried alive.

Mansilla confessed the murder of his girlfriend of two months, and also forced abortion as her blood sample had traces of drugs used for abortion.

Chiara’s father told reporters, “She is a big girl, physically, a height of 1.70 m (5’6) and weighing 70 kg (150 lbs.). It’s impossible that he [Manuel] had done this alone.” Manuel's parents are also being questioned by the police as it would practically be impossible for bury Chiara alive, who was a hockey player.

The entire nation is devastated against this heinous act and is demanding a total end to gender violence.

Numerous tweets with hashtag #NiUnaMenos are being tweeted against the murder.

The sad part is, according to statistics, in every 31 hours a woman is murdered in Argentina and to make it worse, police complaints are not taken seriously.

About 200,000 protesters demanded tougher laws for crimes against women, outside Congress in Buenos Aires, this Wednesday.

May her soul Rest In Peace.