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Virat Kohli May Not Be The Right Inspiration For Young Players, Says This Cricket Legend

Virat Kohli has become one of the most desired celebrities in the world. He is known for his playing spirit and the way he is, in his personal life. And the winning streak of the Indian Cricket team shows that the 28-year-old captain is taking the team in the right direction.And at the same time, when it comes to giving a reply back to harsh comments, Virat never steps back. This is now a piece of his identity. But according to former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist, "if any other player is looking ahead to copy this aura of Virat, they must consider this twice."

“If I were on his team, I wouldn’t be identical to him on the field..."

"You have got to do whatever comes naturally to you and what you believe in. It doesn’t mean every player who doesn’t act like Virat questions him," Gilchrist told Hindustan Times.

"You will get caught because you will be pretending..."

"If it’s a false bravado, at some stage it will let you down. You will get caught because you will be pretending so much that you’ll forget to play the game of cricket."

"Aggression should come from within."

"Usually, your personality says a lot about the way you play your game. Virat is a passionate, energetic and determined person. Clearly, his batting shows that. It reflects even in his leadership and his desire to achieve success," Gilchrist added.

MS Dhoni’s presence is benefiting India in more ways than one...

"He (Dhoni) is so versatile that he could possibly play anywhere between No.3 and No.7 and have an impact. I don’t see any evidence that he is letting the team down. I think they (India) probably benefit more than they realize by him just being around," said the expert of 96 Tests and 287 ODIs.

Gilchrist appreciates Virat but, "it’s always nice to be balanced with some experience..."

"I love Virat and the young Indian players, and all their passion. But it’s always nice to be balanced with some experience. I wonder if people are undervaluing that experience and calmness (of Dhoni)."

"I don’t know if there is someone in the wings who adds more value to the Indian team than MS."

"He has always carried out his duty for his country without any issue. In the next two years, anything can happen. I think MS will make the right decision when the time comes."

Virat is putting all records at danger!

Gilchrist believes that Virat Kohli is on the right track to break every batting record. In ODIs, Kohli has 32 tons, second only to Sachin Tendulkar's 49 centuries. In Tests, Kohli has 17 tons.

"Virat is a world-class batsman."

"I think every batting statistic is in danger across all formats. It’s extraordinary. He is a world-class batsman. Even if he doesn’t break all the batting records, he will certainly get close to all of them," Gilchrist said.