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20 Things I Would Want To Advice My Younger Self

Let me start with a quick story my boss shared in a meeting recently.Once there was a carpenter who worked at a firm for 20 years. One day he planned to quit his job. He went to his supervisor and dropped his resignation. The supervisor asked him to handle one last housing project before leaving. He didn’t want to do it, but since he had served the place for years, he couldn't deny it. He finished it without absolute passion, and after the project was completed, he rushed to his superior and asked for approval to leave. The supervisor then took out a key and gave it to the carpenter saying it was his reward for serving the firm for so long. The key belonged to the house he built in a hurry. It was a gift to him from the company.The carpenter regretted that if he knew about it beforehand, he would have worked properly on it.This story made me realize that there are so many things that could be different if we would have known about them earlier. So, here are some points that I would really tell myself if I got a chance to go back in time.

#1 Don't stop doing something just because you're good at it.

I was a good dancer during my school days. But since I was good at it, I stopped practicing it. I regret it as now dancing is one of my biggest fears. 

#2 Don't worry, you will get over him.

If you think that he is the most precious thing you ever had, you won't be able to forget him... trust me you won't. 

#3 You gotta take a stand for yourself.

If you know something is wrong, do take a stand for yourself. You never know how meaningful and important it may be in reality. 

#4 Hanging out with popular kids at school won't make a difference.

Stop hanging out with the popular group in school just to be famous. Because, nobody, I mean nobody, in the real world cares. 

#5 They may be more popular than you and it is OK!

There is no need of being jealous of someone just because they are more popular than you. They interact with more people and so are more popular. Nothing is wrong with you, and you should love yourself the way you are.

#6 "Birds of a feather flock together!"

Not your every friend would want to grow with you. It is OK to outrage them sometimes. I read somewhere once that just once ask yourself that, "if you weren't friends with them, would you want to be friends with them?"

#7 Not everyone has the same heart.

Don't expect people to react the same as you. This is the reason why we often get surprised when we see people reacting differently to things. Learn to accept others and their choices. What is the need to expect anyone to be like you?

 #8 Take your decisions wisely.

There is nothing like "baad me dekha jayega." If you have done it, you won't be able to erase it in future. So, I would suggest my younger self, that please do think wisely before doing something. 

#9 You don't have to participate in every argument you're invited to.

Sometimes it is good to not get involved in things. Because sometimes people start an argument just for the sake of stupidity. And the best reply to an idiot is no reply. 

#10 Never compromise.

Again, if you weren’t dating a person, but knew what you know now, would you choose to start dating them? Would you start the work you have, if you knew what it was like and didn’t have it already? If not, look for a new one. 

#11 The person who doesn't need a feedback is the most feared individual.

If you say that you don't care what others think about you, you are a liar. One must care what others are thinking about them, not everyone, just a few. 

#12 Learn to differentiate between advises.

Some people will give you good advises, while some will follow 'if you cannot convince them, confuse them' formula. Learn to distinguish between the two.

#13 Anyway you are not going to find the true love at this age.

Sometimes the perfect person is the one you would have never decided to be with, someone you never thought you would be spending your entire life with.

#14 You're not the only one who feels 'this way'.

Go and talk to someone about it. Don't think you're alone in this because you are not. 

#15 Be extremely grateful for what you have.

Being grateful and full of gratitude leads to more happiness and well-being. Even researchers say so.

#16 Majority of the stuff you worry about won't even exist after some time.

90% things you're worried about, won't even matter in the future. 

#17 Work on your creativity.

Be artistic. No matter which so ever line you chose in future, your creativity will help you stand out differently than the others. 

#18 Listen to your inner voice, it has the answer to everything.

Listen to the little voices inside your head, they are the answers to all your queries. Follow that inner voice, it will always take you towards your best. 

#19 Your parents want the best for you.

Trust your parents. They always want your good and know better what is good for you. 

#20 Whatever you're doing today will affect your tomorrow.

As the story in the beginning mentions, every brick you're using right now is creating the house you will get tomorrow. I hope you liked the story.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com