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Heavy Rain Causes Floods In Chennai, Here Are 8 Things You Must Remember In Havoc

After insane rainfall for six hours on Thursday, Chennai and other coastal regions of Tamil Nadu experienced the adverse situations. As per recent weather reports from the India Meteorological Department, heavy rains can continue in the isolated regions of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. This situation is something Indian cities/villages face every year. Here are some important survival tips that can help everyone who is in need of it. If you have a friend in Chennai, share these tips with them. 

1. Identify where to go during an evacuation

Establish a plan of action, make sure that you know about the proper locations that are comparatively safe. Get out of dangerous areas as soon as possible. Do not stop to gather valuables. 

2. Do not drive in flooded areas 

If flood water rises in the level, do not drive in that area. Leave your vehicle and move to a safe area. 

3. Avoid crossing through water 

This one is very obvious, even if the way is the wrong direction and you do not wish to go there, avoid crossing through the water as tides can change anytime. 

4. Avoid electrical lines 

YES, the most important tip. Electric lines can be dangerous during the time of any natural disaster. Stay away from them and avoid contact if you are drenched. 

5. Always be prepared for the worse 

One might not see anything big and bad coming, in that case, always be prepared for the worse and gather all your supplies and safety kit. 

6. Move to higher ground

This can help to a great extent. Because moving in the direction of the water that creates some serious problem.

7. Swim backward to survive in moving water 

If you are not able to do the needful mentioned in point number 6, note this as a backup. 

8. Follow news channels and warnings 

This needs to be taken into consideration as most people fail to realise the fact that news spreads really fast on social media. You can inform people and save many lives by simply putting up a status. That's all people. Stay safe and reach out to these helpline numbers for any sort of help in case of emergency. State government helpline numbers: Chennai city: 1070 Districts: 1077 Chennai Corporation: 1913 and 044-4567 4567Stay safe. :)