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KRK Is Depressed And His Suicide Note On Twitter Proves The Same

Self-proclaimed critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK is back in headlines. But this time the scene is severe. A few days earlier, KRK revealed the climax of Aamir’s new film 'Secret Superstar' while reviewing it. On Aamir Khan's complaint, KRK’s Twitter account got suspended. 'Depressed' KRK posted a threat note on Twitter calling to restore his account within 15 days. "If they won’t restore my account, then I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death," his threat note reads. Earlier KRK said that he will take legal action against Twitter. "I have spent four years and lots of money to build my six million followers account on Twitter. Therefore, I will definitely go to court against Twitter to ask them to reimburse me the money and time I have spent on my account so far."According to the update reports, earlier this morning Versova Police got a call that KRK is going to commit suicide. The police then reached his bungalow for inspection. 

KRK wrote this on his tweet about Zaira Wasim.

"If u r not a good father or ur father was not a good father whom u never respected then don’t say dat we don’t love children," said KRK on his tweet about Zaira Wasim following which his account was suspended.

This is what KRK said about Aamir Khan...

“I am not angry with Aamir Khan at all because it’s his right to ask Twitter to suspend my account if I was saying that his film will be a flop."

His suicide note on Twitter!

 And this is how Twitter is reacting on his act...