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13 Thoughts You've After Sleeping With Your Guy Best Friend

Do you have a best friend?Have you known each other for years?Was he there for you at your better and worst?Do your parents treat him like a part of your family?Well, if the answer to all the above questions is yes, you are truly a lucky person. It feels great to have a faithful person around, who you can trust with all your crap, someone with whom you can share all your messy secrets. You're totally comfortable in your skin when you're with them. But what if one day you get a bit closer, something happens which you may have or may have never tossed your head.... Yes! You sleep with your own guy best friend. Oops!What will you think then? Well, here are some thoughts you might get after sleeping with your best friend.

#1 Should we talk about it?

I didn't know if we should talk about it, or if there was anything to talk about. People assume that having sex with the best friend will go so easy and normal as they know each other well. But in reality, it feels a lot weirder than you expected. 

 #2 I keep asking myself is 'what now'?

Earlier, I never knew how he looked or what kinda noises he makes while being intimated with his girls. But now I even know his O face! Well, what now? 

#3 What he would be thinking?

What are his reactions in the morning? Is he back to fart jokes and high fives? Or is he making me my favorite breakfast, and brings me my favorite coffee? Everything he does will tell me what he is thinking. 

#4 Can we really go from sleeping together to best friends? 

Remember, it is not that easy to go back to being best friends after a one-night stand. We both will surely look at each other a bit differently after the night. 

 #5 Did I just ruin this entire friendship?

"What have I done?" Holding this thought will surely take me to the feeling that I may have spoiled the entire friendship. "Will we start ignoring each other now?" 

#6 Do I like him? Or does he like me? 

Another thought is that maybe my buddy and I already had feelings for each other. We can go like, "Wait, do I like them? Do they like me? We are BFFs, so we would probably make a good couple, right?" 

#7 Sex can lead to unexpected feelings.

Alright, we both don't love each other. But what about the belief that sex comes with unexpected feelings. What if I choose to watch him rather than my pizza? It's possible I will feel a little jealous if he starts seeing someone new. 

#8 Will he start feeling for me? 

So, what if we had sex with each other, it could just be a one-time thing. However, one of us may develop feelings for the other. It will leave one person wanting to be in a more serious relationship, while the other isn’t ready for that. 

#9 Are we going to end up being 'friends with benefits'?

From being best buddies, when we started having a drunken kiss, to having sex... though we swore not to do it again, what if we end up getting attracted to the rabbit hole called 'friends with benefits' again and again? 

#10 Should we get into a relationship now?

Let's not do the post-sex things that "what does this all mean” talk. I will do it, but after I am sure what I feel. If I am not sure, I will probably let it be for a month, and then check in to see where I am at. 

#11 Will he discuss it with his other friends?

According to what I believe, if he is my best friend, he won't talk about it with his other friends. 

#12 Is he regretting it? 

Did he leave early? Is he ignoring me now? Are we comfortable with each other? Can we two crack a joke just like before without any weirdness? Let's keep a track of these things and I will get my answers.

#13 He’s over it, you’re over it and everyone can move on.

"I can't believe we haven't mentioned that we really had a hot sex," if something like this comes, I will understand that he is over it. "It was so good, right?" It may happen that whenever we are alone together, we get physical, complimenting each other's techniques and then went back to our normal friend style.JUST REMEMBER: THERE IS NOTHING MORE PRECIOUS THAN HAVING A BEST FRIEND. TRY NOT TO DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD SPOIL THE BEAUTIFUL BOND.That's all, folks. I hope you liked the story.If you have something interesting to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com