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Want To Ride This Golden Scooter? 

Walking to office lets me encounter a lot of things. Some give me good experiences, some display bitter instances, etc. The recent happening is something I desperately wanted to share with you all. Guess what! Yes, you already had a glimpse. It's golden scooty, golden Maestro.

One fine day when I was heading to the office, something amazed me.

I happened to see a scooter coated with gold, that was something unexpected and strange. Just like me, many of you might be seeing this for the first time. I just stopped and stared at it.

Soon, the owner of the gold Maestro reaches his asset. 

He looked so proud that whoever passed by it, was just stopping and clicking the pictures. I was the one. ;) Guess what, many of the pedestrians were capturing selfies with it. 

I was so curious that I asked him to sit on it so that I could capture both of them.

I talked to him for a while. The man told me that he is known as Golden Baba, he lives in Indore. He said, he has been in gold business since decades.

Gold worth Rs 7 lakhs.

This scooter carries gold worth Rs 7 lakhs, Golden Baba said to me. I felt sad to hear, the scooter was made this way in the memory of his late wife Rajni Devi who passed a few years back. She was fond of golden jewellery.I thanked Golden Baba for talking to me, and he happily forwarded me his visiting card. So, do you want to see or experience a ride on it? I can give you Golden Baba's number. Cheers!PS: If you want to use the image/images, do with proper courtesy.