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Zaheer Khan Reveals Secrets About His Relationship With To-Be-Wife Sagarika Ghatge

We all are fascinated by the romantic tales of our Indian stars. Among one of the standouts, are the love stories of our Indian cricketers. The minute when Harbhajan Singh married Geeta Basra and Yuvraj Singh got married to Hazel Keech, I am certain all eyes of the nation were on the couple.At this defining moment, it is the former Indian bowling spearhead Zaheer Khan and Chak De India actress, Sagarika Ghatge, who have grabbed the headlines. The couple who got engaged earlier this year is all set to tie the knot on November 27. Since their wedding date is near, the couple uncovered a portion of the cutest moments with each other.So, how about we read the confessions made by the adorable pair before their D-Day about their plans to get married and whether they faced any troubles for it.

“It was weird that every time I met him, my friends would tease us for some reason..."

Talking about how they met, Sagarika says, "It was weird that every time I met him, my friends would tease us for some reason. We would be cordial with each other and stick to the regular 'Hi' and 'Hello'."

"We don’t know exactly when it started."

"But there were people, like my close friend, who thought we should be together even before we thought about it," Sagarika added. Zaheer then said, "We don’t know exactly when it started, but we eased into it."

"One person had to take the lead, and it was me," says Zaheer. 

According to the sources, Zaheer Khan revealed, "One person had to take the lead, and it was me. Things started to get serious when I actually told her about it. Before that, we would always meet as part of a group. We would enjoy each other’s company, but I wasn’t sure if she liked me or not."

“I would like to take you out for dinner..."

Zaheer then asked Sagarika, "I would like to take you out for dinner, but it should be just you and me, not with the gang. She thought I was joking about it! We always felt there was something between us, but didn’t say it."

How did they manage to win their parents' hearts?

Sagarika said, "Everyone in the family has always been a sports fan, not just cricket. They love him also because he speaks in Marathi. Even I don’t always talk to my mom in Marathi but he does and that worked." 

"We didn't face any such issues," says Zaheer.

According to the sources, Zaheer revealed, "We didn't face any such issues. Both our families are evolved enough to understand that it's about marrying the right person over marrying into the same religion. It's important to be a good human being."

This is what Zaheer's parents did after knowing about Sagarika.

Zaheer Khan revealed that his parents watched Chak De India when he told his parents about her.

The couple is neither going as per Hindu marriage rituals nor a Nikah. 

Zaheer shared, "We are going to stay away from both. It will be a court marriage on November 27 in Mumbai."

There will be a pre and post wedding functions...

"I am planning to have something in Pune as well, so the ceremony will go on for a few days. We want this to be a get-together for close friends and family," says Zaheer. On this, Sagarika continued, "We are also planning to have something in my hometown Kolhapur, sometime later."

“It’s upbeat for me, stressful for Sagarika," reveals Zaheer. 

Talking about the D-day stress, Zaheer Khan shares, "It’s upbeat for me, stressful for Sagarika. She is the worrier because she is more responsible as far as the timelines are concerned. With me, things go haywire."This is the marriage month of the couple. We wish them best wishes for their big day and the life ahead. I hope you liked the story.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com