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Demonetisation's 1st Anniversary: Here's What People Have To Say About Banning Things In India

It has been almost a year since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation of old currency notes. It was a shocking news for the entire nation to digest. Memes were made, troll game instantaneously started to take the lead, people started applying desi jugaad to get the value of their deeply dug money. Everyone simply wanted to get hold of the situation by hook or by crook. Now that demonetisation is about to witness its first anniversary in India, we thought of asking the Indian audience what can be the next thing in the list. Considering a massive response of some hilarious comments and jokes, we ended up ROFLing in the office premises. So, why not to share the same with you all? Read further and you will know what Indians wish to boycott or ban this year.

How can you even think of it?

Soluchan nahin toh kuch nahin! 

Yeh bik gayi hai gormint... 

When someone suggested that the government should ban themselves. 

Pate ki baat... 

When someone talked about sensible issues like this. 

Kya yeh mumkin hai? 

You can only pray for this to happen. 

Just imagine... 

That can be the worst possible scenario. 

And, then there are people like them... 

There's nothing that can help you escape the trolling game. 

If only the air was that pure... 

I'm sure the tax on air would be less than the GST we pay, tho'! 

Arrey, bhai bhai bhai bhai... 

Why he thinks so?

Spam him with birthday messages.

That was just a joke, people. 

'Abso-fucking-lutely' correct! 

Do you also hate such tag related memes? 

Can this actually be possible? 

I doubt! 

Check out the post!

Let's hope for the best. *WINK* That's all, people. Until next time, toodles!